How to download YouTube videos for free

Today we have to talk about how to download a video from YouTube to free. Here you can get information about the steps to download a video on YouTube. You can watch it with downloading a video from YouTube without internet it. YouTube has many tools for downloading its video fall. Using a third-party application to download a video from YouTube is against the YouTube terms of service. So let us know about how to download a video for android, iPhone, Mac and PC.

Method : 1

For Desktop
If you want to download a video from YouTube on the desktop, you should select the following steps.

1) First of all go to YouTube App or software.
2) Then search your favorite videos from the search box.
3) Play the video if you want to download this video.
4) Then on the next page you will see many options for downloading videos like MP3, MP4,HD etc. Select any one video of them and click on 'Download' button.
5) Clicking on this button will download your video in YouTube shortly.

For Smartphone

1) First install the YouTube App from Google Play Store.
2) After that download the video to open the video name of the video and find your favorite video.
3) Play it after searching the video and clicking on the 'Download' button will download your video.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

Method : 2

Get 4K Video Downloader
First of all, install the 4K or Video Downloader on your PC and download this software completely free and 360-degree and 3D video. Then click on the ‘Finish’ button by checking the box marked 'launch'.

1 ) Copy and Paste the Video URL
First of all, open your web browser, then download your favorite video from YouTube, copy it’s URL from its address bar. Then click on the green 'paste link' button on the top left side of the 4K video downloader and then the video of your choice is available. Software can download YouTube video in 4K.

2 ) Choose the quality and format
When you download a video of your choice from YouTube, you should select the right side format using the menu on its right, because the right format gives a good balance of the quality and size of your video. Then you should choose the highest resolution to play your favorite video on TV or PC. Keep in mind that how much time and space this video will take before choosing this, to keep in mind you can see the size of the estimated file on the left.

Then click on the 'Browse' button below to save the downloaded video to which it should be selected, then clicking on the 'Download' button allows you to watch the video without the internet.

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