How to Delete Instagram Account

Instagram is a platform to live with more than 1 user usage. We can share photos with friends and stay in the contacts of celebrities. It is a great way. If the Instagram looks boring and bad, then you can consider closing your account. You can permanently remove your photos and account from Instagram. And if you want to create another account, you cannot use a single user name. After opening an Instagram in a computer or mobile, after you enter your password, click on delete my account permanently.

Instagram is the most popular site. There are 800 million usage stories in the Instagram. It's a great way to share photos with friends and family in your daily life.
You want to delete your account but you do not want to lose your photos in the future and you can get back in the future. And if you are tired of Instagram then you can get rid of it. But it is impossible to get a deleted account back.

Steps to remove Instagram account
1. Enter your email and password on the page of Instagram.
2. Why are you deleting Instagram? Select it from the drop down list.
3. Re-enter your password in the box below.
4. Click Delete Account permanently.

If you are taking an Instagram addiction and worry about Instagram or your account has been hacked, then you need to delete your account. Delete everything from your Instagram account, such as photos, comments and data. Never undistracted the Instagram without ever logging in or deleting it.

If your Instagram password has been forgotten or changed or replaced by someone else, take the following steps.

Open the app
Tap the Sign In button to log in.
If you have Android then you can tap on anything from below.
Use usernames or email or connect with Facebook or send summaries.
If you have a IOS, use a name or number.

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