How To Connect Laptop To Smart TV Wirelessly

Here we talk about new technology, which is something new every day, in which we now know how to connect a laptop to a TV.

Here we are going to talk about how we can see the screen of our computer with the TV screen and learn its steps. The first cable to connect a laptop to a TV is used to connect a computer to an old TV. But such a cable is not used in smart TVs to connect a computer. Here's how we connect our laptop to the TV quickly using a wireless system with the TV. Using an option like Chromecast and apple TV to connect the TV to with a laptop.

No ports are needed to connect the laptops wirelessly to the TV. If you want to connect wirelessly between your laptop and TV, then we should choose the wireless option. If you have more of your laptop's capabilities, you should choose options. Also, some laptops have built-in wireless systems called WIDI. It is also called Intel Wireless Display. This is working with NetGear’s full 2 TV compatible receivers.

Here we know about the wireless system in which plugs the HDMI port on your TV and laptop and sends the video wirelessly. Although this is not usually cheap, most people hit wireless system videos and audio high quality. Most people use wireless solutions to connect a laptop to a TV, in which Google Chromecast is used more as it costs less than 30, the HDMI Dongle plugs into your TV and connects with your Wi-Fi laptop. Before connecting your laptop to the TV, you need to create a TV Wi-Fi accessory on your laptop such as you can also use a hot-spot.

Then start the TV's Wifi and connect the TV to the laptop in the system tray in the connect to menu and provide it if the password is set. Select the type of network in the home network. Then start. There you type media streaming options like that. Then click on the first result. Then click ok to approve all local leaders. Then, also allow media and programs on PC and remote connections.

For streaming media, you need to add folders to the library. For that we would see an example of a music collection. Put the file you want to play in the hard drive in the folder. Then, select a song to include in the library and music from the top menu. Then start Windows Media Player, and in the upper right corner of the song play tab you want to play click on OK. Choose TV from it and this method can be used for watching videos on TV also by laptop. This way you can connect your laptop to the TV.

Using USB

Using USB

Using a USB stick or an external hard drive is a great way to connect your laptop to a TV.
You can view video, audio or other content stored on your laptop by simply transferring it to a USB stick hard drive and plugging it on the TV. To ensure that the video file format is compatible with your TV.

Using HDMI

Using HDMI

Using HDMI, we are a simple and best way to connect a laptop to a TV. HDMI provides good, cheap and high quality and good sound. Follow the steps below to connect the laptop to the TV:
Turn on the first laptop and TV. Then connect your sick lead with your TV and laptop.
Then, select the suitable HDMI input on your TV.
After connecting your laptop's screen does not appear on the screen, adjust Control Panel> Display> Resolution and select TV in the drop down list.

Using VGA

Using VGA

Using VGA port, you can connect your laptop more easily with the TV.
See the steps below to connect VGA to a laptop.
First turn on your laptop and TV, and then connect your VGA cable to your TV and laptop.
Then use the headphone out port on your TV or speakers on a laptop and audio.
Adjust the control panel> display> resolution for it and select TV in the drop down list.

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