How To Clean A Car

Today we are going to talk about How to Clean a Car. We can choose either a smooth body or wheel clean to clean our car. And in addition we can choose to clean both the interior and exterior of our car. Before we start cleaning the exterior of our car we should make sure that our car body is cool and in shade. It is very important to use specially designed cleaners to clean the body and wheels of our cars. So let's gather some more information about How to Clean a Car.

We should remove the floor mats and throw away the garbage to clean the interior of our car. In addition foam cleanser should be used to clean carpets and upholstery by internal vacuum. Your car should be cleaned using a window cleaner to clean the inside and outside of our car windows. Let me tell you that it takes an hour or more every fortnight for your car to look good with a few cleaning products and household appliances.


Washing your car

First of all, washing our car on the grass helps to reduce the amount of contaminated run that ends up in our waterways. The pistol grip nozzle fitted in the hose before washing the car is convenient and helps reduce water wastage.

Our car should then start by hosting down and including the wheel arches where mud and sand form and promote rust. It is very important to remove any tar and squashed insects from the paint work of your car with proprietary bugs and tar remover.

You should use a soft foam sponge and a good quality car wash detergent or a mixture of wash and wax to clean the car. The car should be replaced several times by damaging the thin layer of protective polish from common detergents and car wash brush paint.

You should then use a chemise to dry the car when you finish washing the car and which prevents soap and water stains and the chemise will pick up any little patches of dirt that may have been missed. There is also a good time to check the vehicle for scratches and stone chips which need to be touched as soon as possible to combat corrosion, and should finally be cleaned around the door jam with a damp rag.


We should start from the inside to clean our car thoroughly. Then give us enough room to move freely about our car and not have hoses, tools and power leads lying on our workspace where they can take us on a trip.


Many types of outlets have a wide range of our cars. We should keep in mind that in general our car needs to be polished more often than not and the more expensive polish often provides the best performance for our car.

In addition it is very important to polish the car about once every three months to better protect the paint work of our car. If the paint on our car looks too dull and flat then it is very important to consult a professional car dealer before trying to polish our car.

Crystal clear windows

When we look at our car it makes up about half of what we want from the windows and so it doesn’t look better until our car is clean. We all know that most people have a hard time cleaning their car windows.

So first of all we make it very easy to see the inside by looking out every window of our car. Then sprinkle a nice dew of household glass cleaner on the window of our car and clean the glass with wet bark.

The remaining moisture should then be quickly polished using a clean and dry rag to clean our car windows. If our car window appears "smudgy" when it dries too quickly, you should moisten the windows a bit and clean the window again.

It may then be necessary to use a glass cleaner and a steel wool pad to remove any squashed insects from our car's windscreen.

Dog hair

Dog hair is considered to be the most boring of all travelers. The dog sticks to suits and jumpers and then refuses to sit in the car even though no one cares about the vacuum. Some dimpled rubber gloves used by animal growers to clean the car are considered to be the best thing to clean dog and cat hair.

Carpets and seats

We know that most people are on the job of cleaning home car vacuum cleaners car carpet to clean their car. Cleaning around seats and consoles is much easier if you use a long, thin crucible tool to clean your car.

Usually you need to use a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet stains from your car. And you need to use a stiff bristle brush to spray the cleaner over the stain and put it on the carpet. You should be very careful not to spray too much cleaner on the carpet to clean your car as it can happen if the carpet mildew is not dried well. It is very important to use a clean and dry towel to stain and dry the area on my carpet.

And if the carpet of your car is filled with sand then it is very necessary to tap the carpet lightly with a small hammer to bounce the sand from the pile for easy vacuum by making as much vacuum as possible.

And then scrubbing the carpet with a dry scrubbing brush also removes sand and dry mud. Our Dashboards collect plenty of dust and a quick and very clean with a wet chamois is usually enough to keep them very clean. And then it becomes necessary to clean the dash with a clean rag by scrubbing the dash and console, especially around the cracks and crevices, with a weak detergent solution and an old toothbrush if necessary.

Clean Wheels and Tyres

To clean your car's tires, first mix the cleaner in water and be sure to use a cleaner that is safe for all wheel surfaces and that can ruin the finish of your wheels.

And then it becomes very necessary to clean the alloy wheels of your car with a good quality mag wheel cleaner. In addition you should start cleaning one wheel at a time from top to bottom of your car tires.

And in addition you need to use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean small crevices. When the wheels of your car are very dirty, you may need to apply a de-grease before cleaning it.

And lastly your wheel should be rinsed and dried. Once the wheel of your car is cleaned it should be thoroughly washed with water until all the dirt and debris is removed and then it is very necessary to dry the wheel with a soft cloth.

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