How To Change Jiofi Password

Today we are going to talk about How to change a jiofi password. Reliance Jio's portable broadband routers, JioFi, attractive data packages are known for providing aggressive data packages to the user. The JioFi that Jio SIM uses allows users to access 4G hotspots that can be used to further connect to devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs and the like. The same JioFi can connect multiple devices of different users at the same time and therefore security can be at line security risk. So let's gather some more information about How to change the jiofi password.

1. How To Change Jiofi Password In Via Website

First of all Users need to connect their device to a JioFi hotspot before they can change their JioFi router password.

The next step then involves opening the web browser of the connected device.

After that you need to add http: //jiofi.local.html or in the URL bar.

Then after opening the website you need to click on the Login Gin option given in the upper right corner.

This should be followed by entering the username as an administrator and the password as an administrator and then tapping the login Gin button.

After that follow, click Network> Wi-Fi Configuration> Secure Key.

2. How To Change Jiofi Password In Via My Jio App

First of all the user can also change the password through the MyJio app available on Google Play Store and Apple plus App Store.

After that you first need to connect your JioFi router and open the MyJio app on the smartphone.

Then all you have to do is tap on the My Device section at the bottom of your screen.

After that from here you need to click on the setting icon on the top-right corner and then select the SSID "Change Password" option below.

Then you need to provide a new password and select "Submit".

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