How Running Daily for Changed My Life

Running has changed my life. I never thought that because I never understand running as a form of exercise and running was the start of my new and better, happier life.

I’ve always exercised since I was little and I also played basketball through high school but I never got excited about those things. But I did not do anything and did not take part in any exercise and running.

Two years ago, I was very overweight, overworked and unhappy in my marriage. I had lots of responsibilities and several children who were dependent on me. I ate unhealthily and I did absolutely no exercise bar the odd dog walk with my mother but I am not walking with her.

My life felt stuck. So I decided to run and It was my natural response. I laced my shoes and started running — by that time, I felt tired and energized at the same time.

Today, I am back to a healthy weight; I am very nutrition and health conscious and have been vegan for almost four years. We all have our vices, but it is in moderation and I run. I love to run. Like everyone, sometimes I think I can’t be bothered to go out, but I like to always still go, and I never stop and like it very much.

In fact, every time I have seen someone outside running in all sorts of and I thought they were nuts. Why would anyone do that to themselves? I think those people are crazy but now I understand and I liked it.

For startup, it took me almost 30 minutes. Not fast, and it was not pretty! I was out of breath and my legs were knackered and at the time it felt like running. However, when I got home, I was on such a high but I did not stop my running, I started to notice runners more and Topics of conversations I was running would come up and I had more running practice.

I struggled with running right out the door in the early days. My mom's hips hurt all the time, I wore terrible shoes at first and so my feet were a mess. In the early days I did not know how to breathe properly. Those early days of running and doing were my hard days but I did not lose.

I hated every moment of it. I don’t know why I didn’t quit running. I wanted to do it so many times. It was so hard and I was terrible at it, and it never seemed like I was making progress and I did not like it. but after some time I realized that I could progress in many ways, then I had to try to best myself.

One weekend, I looked on Google maps and learned a route that would take me about 4 miles, this would be the furthest I had ever run. I got lost. I went the wrong way and had to retrace my steps to get home and I arrived home, I worked out where I had gone by looking on Google maps again and I have completed running over six miles. That was it, I have realized that I could do it; if I could run six miles I could do more than six or even mor Before I started my running my doctor gave me fiber pills to help me lose weight.Two months after that race I was running 10ks without intervals and getting faster and I did not need fiber pills given by the doctor.

New runners may not yet be convinced and not understand that life has changed after running, which is why I am sharing this post about the many ways running can change your life and after running has many advantages. Admittedly, many of these are subjective, but I find that runners will almost always benefit in life, other benefits, such as improvements in physical and mental health and many other things.

Running has many benefits to health well-substantiated. Running is helping you maintain a healthy weight and also running improves your cardiovascular health, strengthens your bones and joints and knees and helps control Diabetes. Running can also help reduce your risk of cancer, maintain healthy blood pressure, related mental decline and add years to your life, look every time younger.

Running will help you reach your goals too. As you increase your confidence and accountability , you will realize that you really can do almost anything you desire and put one more step in your life. Later you can feel the change in your life.

Now when I step outside and begin to run and after running a sense of peace and calm comes over me and my mind clears my body. It is a sense of one that I can’t explain except to other runners. . It’s the feeling of joy and happiness and the power of the body and mind and I feel free. These senses are not experienced by any other people.

After I started running A few months later a guest arrived at the house and the first thing he noticed was how I changed my life to go running daily before breakfast.

My mother told me to go and talk to the guest and tell him a nice route to run and its benefits and the guest suddenly quickly dawned on me that I was talking to a seasoned runner. I give many tips. We spoke for at least half an hour only and only about running. He was amazing to know the change of running in my life and after he also started running every day.

I start my running, after running it is exactly like life. It is very hard because you do not always want to do it. Summer, winter and monsoon you have felt more difficulty the first time but you feel better when you have new shoes. After the pain comes happiness in life, it is also the same as in running but not stopped running. Therefore my life is moving forward again and again. You should try it too and I know you can do it.

After I started running, my life changed so much that I have to spend more time with my family, and I also spend my happy married life. I spent a good time with my child and I gave good knowledge to him. My family is no longer a burden to me and all live happily in the house. I have also explained to my children and my wife about running.

At any time, I am happy and I have never stopped running all these years. The reason is how it changed my life, my business and my family. And if running every day helps me accomplish this, then I am very thankful and crazy about running.

My life has improved in the same way that my running pace and stamina has improved and running has had the most impact on my productivity and after that great change in my life and mood, creativity, and overall livelihood. And scientific research also backs all of running.

After knowing all the benefits of running I will run as far as my life is concerned and also give information to people who have not run and I will change other people's life.

Running has been a major part in me and my life becoming a better me. Running has made me quit smoking and I avoid drinking, get fit, eat well, and learn to complete my goals, Because it made me new friends and gave me confidence and made me feel part of something good. I feel so very lucky to have found something new in my life, I gain so much pleasure from it and I feel very proud to call myself a runner.

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