How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day In Liters

Our body takes about 60% of the water. We lose water mainly through urine or sweating from our body. Dehydration stops due to drinking enough water. There are many different opinions about how much water we need every day. Some health gurus say that even though you are not thirsty, you still need to drink water continuously throughout the day.

- : Many believe that drinking water increases digestive power. And the hunger looks less. So body weight decreases. According to studies, it is found that drinking 500 milligrams of water increases the 24 to 30% digestive power.

- : Researchers have estimated that by drinking 2 liters of water a day increases the calorie intake of 96 calories per day. Cold water is more beneficial for the body. Because the body needs more calorie expenditure to heat the water. Due to the adequate amount of water the other health benefits of the body rising. It seems that weight is reduced if sufficient quantity of water is consumed before meals.

Some of the diseases listed here are controlled by drinking more water.
Constipation : - Water helps in a very common problem like constipation.
Cancer : - The person who drinks more water. It is half the risk of bladder and colorectal cancer.
Kidney stones : - Drinking more water reduces the risk of kidney stones.
Acne and Skin Hydrogen : - Water heights the skin. And reduces acne.

- : Simple water is the only significant effect. Caffeine drinks like coffee and tea do not help in hitting you, it's a caffeine dermatologist. In some circumstances, the proportion of water should be increased. Such as when excessive sweating or exercise and in hot weather, fill your lost fluid with water. During breastfeeding you should drink more of your water. And drink too much water in sickness like diarrhea and diarrhea.

- : People working in a warm environment need to drink 16 liters of water in a day. Water is essential to live a life. According to, Health Organization 2017, "Not to mention the risk of self-employment during the lifetime of consumption, including the various sensitivities of life stages. Risk of safe drinking water to preserve health is not fundamental It is necessary for the human rights and components of effective policy.

- : Drinking water is our physical activity, age, health and environment. Depending on the contact of physical exercise and the warmth of the loss of water.

- : In a warm climate, a well-functioning person needs to drink 6 liters of water or more. People of the adult age need to drink 6 liters of water daily. Children over 18 years of age also include drinking water, food water. The thirst of the individuals needs more water instead of the exact amount of quantity. Provides more guides on it.

- : Almost 60% body weight in the body of men and about 55% in the body of women makes body weight. A child has about 70% to 89% of water. When there are about 45% of the water in the elderly.

- : In 1990, only 76% of the population used drinking water. In 2015, 91% of people used drinking water. 89% of the people who drink water are yoga to drink water. It is known as improved water source.

- : Billions of people still use unprotected drinking water sources. Which are contaminated. The health is bad because of which it is not suitable for drinking.

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