Information About Hooded Pitta Bird

Today we have to talk about a bird named Hooded pitta. This bird is known as a passerine bird. Hooded pitta is found in eastern and Southeast Asia and coastal Southeast Asia. So let's get some information about the hooded pitta.

Hooded pitta is living in cultivated areas. This bird is found in a black-headed black chest containing a black head and chestnut crown. Hooded pitta carries on the ground for insects and their larvae and berries also eat. A wide range of this bird is found in. The scientific name of the hooded pitta is Pitta sordida. The species of this bird is now placed in genus Pitta. Hooded pitta length 16 to 19 cm And 42 to 70 grams of weight is found.

Hooded pitta prey on land. This bird is making nests on the ground. Hooded pitta is considered as "least concern species" because population reduction rates are found to be insufficient for warrants. This bird is very beautiful.

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