History Of Robots

Here we will get information about the history of man-made robots. Robots have come into being for the easy operation of human beings. Learn more about the robot in this article.

The history of robotics is believed to have originated from the ancient world. Robots were conceived to be developed at the beginning of the 20th.Which may be of human size and human thought. Controlled industrial robots, using artificial intelligence, have existed since the 2000s.

The first invention of robots was made by George Devol in 1954. Devol George sold in General Motors in the 1960s.And in 1961, in Trenton Plant of New Jersey, a die casting machine was placed in the metal pieces to cover and cover it. Robot is a machine that is typically programmed by a computer and it is capable of running a complex series of tasks automatically. Robots are made in human form.

The first robot was digital and programmable, which was created by George Devol in 1954, named after the unit. Robots have been made to work robots to perform repetitive work and to do things that humans do not replace. Using robots to do external work, such as the outer space or at the bottom of the ocean, the robot has been unable to work heavily and unable for human beings.

First, the welding robots used in the factory are an industrial robot, which is known as the World's Fastest Robot Leopard in 2012, the legend of Big Dog's evolutionary military leopard. Robots can have hominids such as industrial robots, medical operating robots, patient-assisted robots, dog treat robots. The technical branch designing robots deals with the creation, management and application.

As well as control of robots, computer system sensory feedback and data processing are done by robotics. Robots can be like appearance, behavior, and cognitive humans. Robot is derived from the word Roberta, which means "compulsory labor" or "slavery". The word robot was used to show the fictional humanoid in the 1920s.

ASIMO is considered to be the most advanced result of the humanoid project by the Honda Company in 2000. This can run ASIMO, speak with humans and recognize faces, environment and welcomes. In October 2000, it was estimated that there were 742,000 industrial robots in the world, more than half of which are used in Japan.

Robots are the concepts of artificial servants that are so far like the ancient legends of Cadmus. There is a mechanical hand minded robot talking by Greek he firsts. In the book "the wonderful wizard of oz" in the 1900s, the robots were called "mechanical men”. A robot named Eric, made in London in 1928, can move his hands and head and can be controlled by remote control or voice control.

The idea of automat originated from the myths of the cultures of many cultures of the world. Ancient Chinese, including engineers and inventors of culture, as well as ancient Greece and Egypt, and some animals and humans, try to create community formation. Imagery of robots is believed to be an artificial biology field associated with the near future, in which humans are more comparable to machines.

The word robots can also refer to physical robots and virtual software agents but it is also referred to as bots. In Japan, robots Astro boy who has taught human emotions like love, courage and self-doubt. In Japan, robots are considered human assistants.

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