High Demanding Milk Producing Cattle Breeds in India

Today we are going to talk about High Demanding Milk Producing Cattle Breeds in India. In our country different breeds of cows and buffaloes are used for different purposes. India The most popular lactating breed in the country originates from India and South Asia. So let us gather a little more information about the best cow breeds in India with good milk production.

The Gir breed of cattle originated from the Gir forests of South Kathiawar in Gujarat. This type of species is also found in Rajasthan and Maharashtra near Gujarat. Gir cows are also known as Sorathi, Bhadavari, Deshan, Gujarati, Kathiawadi and Surati. The horns of cattle of this species are distinctly curved and give a ‘crescent’ appearance. The milk production of Gir cows is 1200 to 1800 kg per location. This type of cow is frequently used in Brazil and other South American countries.

2. Deoni


The Deoni breed of cattle originated in western Andhra Pradesh. This species is also found in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra and neighboring Karnataka. Deoni is known as a draft animal of Indian breed. The milk yield of cows of this species gives 636 - 1230 kilograms during lactation. And Deoni's calving interval averages 7,447 days. The oxen of the Deoni breed are used for heavy farming. An animal species called Deoni is mainly white in appearance.

3. Hariana


This species is native to Hisar, Rohtak, Jind, Hisar and Gurgaon districts of Haryana. The species named Hariana is also more popular mainly in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. The bull species of Hariana are known to be very powerful working animals. This breed of cow produces about 10 to 15 liters of milk a day. The horns of this type of cow are short and the face is narrow and long.

4. Kankrej


This type of species originates from South Gujarat, Kutch and neighboring Rajasthan. The color of the cattle named Kankrej is silver-gray to steel black. The bull of this breed is considered to be very popular as the bull of Kankrej breed is a fast, powerful and draft cattle. The oxen of the Kankrej breed are used for plowing and karting. Cows of this species also give good milk. This cow produces about 1400 kilograms of milk.

5. Krishna Valley

Krishna Valley

The Krishna Valley breed of cattle originated from the black cotton soil of the Krishna River reservoir in Karnataka and is known as a breed of Indian draft cattle. Krishna Valley is found to be large in size. This type of species has a wide frame with a deep, slackly built short body. The tail of Krishna Valley almost reaches the ground. The average yield for breastfeeding of this species is 900 kg. This species was bred for heavy draft work for cultivating farmland and transporting crops like cotton and sugarcane.

6. Ongole


This type of breed originates from Ongole taluka of Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Ongole is known as a large muscular animal breed with well-developed lumps. This type of animal species is suitable for heavy draft work. Ongole is also known as Nellore. The average milk yield of Ongole species is 1000 kg. This type of species is known for its rapid growth rate, hardness and natural tolerance to tropical heat and disease resistance. The milk content of cows of this species is more than five percent.

7. Rathi


This type of animal is known as another breed of milch cattle found in the arid regions of Rajasthan. It is believed that Rathi caste Lal Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar and Dhani caste Sahiwal have been mixed with the blood circulation. This type of species is very efficient and good milking. Cows of the Rathi breed produce 1560 kg of milk and milk yield of this cow can range from 1062 to 2810 kg. This type of cattle breed is suitable for hot areas of India. Cattle named Rathi are usually brown in color. This type is characterized by black or gray spots on the white skin of cattle.

8. Red Sindhi

Red Sindhi

This type of animal species is mostly found in the Karachi and Hyderabad districts of neighboring Pakistan. This type of cow is also known as Red Karachi. The body color of Red Sindhi is basically red with dark red light and white stripes. Red Sindhi has short and curved horns. The milk yield of Red Sindhi ranges from 1100 to 2600 kg. This type of species is widely used in crossbreeding programs. Red Sindhi has also been used in many tropical countries to improve meat and dual-purpose animals. This type of cow is slightly smaller than caused and as a result produces slightly less milk per day than other species.

9. Sahiwal


This type of animal species has emerged in some parts of the Punjab and Pakistan of undivided India. The Sahiwal breed is also known as Montgomery, Lola, Lambi Bar, Teli and Multani. This type of cattle breed is known as the best indigenous dairy breed in India. The average milk production of cows of this breed is between 1400 and 2500 kg of milk. This type of cattle can also be found in many parts of India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Sahiwal Cattle have been exported to other Asian countries as well as Africa and the Caribbean due to its heat tolerance and high milk production.

10. Tharparkar


The Tharparkar breed of cattle originated in the Tharparkar district of undivided India. And this type of species is also found in Rajasthan. The Tharparkar animal is also known as Gray Sindhi, White Sindhi and Thari. This species is a medium sized animal. Tharparkar has Lear shaped horns. Tharparkar's body color is white or light gray. Bulls of this breed are suitable for plowing and casting. In addition, the Tharparkar cow produces 1800 to 2600 kilograms of milk. Adult males and females of this species weigh 400-500 and 300-380 kg respectively.

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