What Is Google Family Link And How Does It Work?

Today we are going to talk about what is Google Family Link and how it works. A dream comes true for parents through family links. Google Family Link allows parents to set parental controls for children under 13. Google Family Link is live in the US and the UK. When your child asks for an Android device you either have no right to go or you can use Google Family Link. This link offers a service from Google that provides many parental controls. So let's gather a little more information about what is Google Family Link and how it works.

What is Google Family Link?

Google Family Link allows restrictions on family groups. Google Family Link also allows parents to control child devices to varying degrees. Google Family Link lets users create a special Google Account for their child. This account is similar to an adult account. This account only allows you to set ground rules such as which apps your child can use and for how long. The user can also set the bedtime on their child's device and the user can see their child's location through the app.

What Parental Controls Does It Offer?

With Google Family Link, users can approve or block apps their child wants to download from the Google Play Store. Thanks to weekly and monthly activity reports, you can also monitor a user's screen time, including checking how much time a child spends on their favorite apps. And the user can set a daily screen time limit for their child's device.

Using Google Family Link, users can monitor the screen time of their child's mobile. Google Family Link allows users to see their child's location. Users can lock their child's device remotely using Google Family Link. Google Family Link does not claim to block inappropriate content

However some applications offer users their own filtering options that can be accessed through Google Family Link. This means that users can set age limits on Google Play content such as apps, books, movies, etc. through Google Family Link. Users can set up Safe Search filtering on Google Search and filter explicit songs in Play Music.

What Does Google Family Link Require?

To use Google Family Link, users need a Google Account for their child that is powered by a Family Link. Users make the most of the Google Family Link application running their compatible devices. Users must have a Google Account to use Google Family Link.

How Does Google Family Link Work?

Google leaves it up to the user to determine if the child is old enough for an Android phone or tablet. Next the user needs to download the Family Link for Android app on their mobile device and then the user needs to create a Google account for their child through the app or through the browser on Families.com.

Users can run Google Family Link on an Android device or iOS device to manage Google Accounts for children under 13 as a parent. When the user's child turns 13, he or she will have the option to graduate with a normal Google Account. Once the user has created an account for their child they have to sign in to the new device. The user can also create a Google Family Link group of up to six people and the user can become a family manager.

What about Chrome books?

Google Family Link can also be used by users to manage their child's Chrome book activity and screen time.

Where is Google Family Link available?

Google Family Link is a visual option for Edraw Max and promos.

How To Set Up Google Family Link On Your Android Smartphones?

Google launched the Google Family Link application a few years ago. The Google Family Link app lets parents take control of their child's device, track their activities and locate the phone. With the help of Android 10, Google has made the Google Family Link feature a part of the operating system and users can manage Google Family Link features from their smartphone settings.

Android smartphone users with older versions of the Android smartphone operating system will need to download the Google Family Link app from the Google Play Store.

The setup process for how users set up Google Family Link for their child's smartphone is straightforward. All users have to do is create a new email account for their child and link it to your account under the Family Network. The user can also connect multiple email accounts under the Family Network.

Now the user has to take their child's device and set it up using the same email account. Also make sure the device is not synced to another account at setup time as Google Family Link will remove them automatically.

By now the user must have understood that a complete setup requires two devices namely Parent and Child. And in the full setup process we will refer to the parent device as 'parent' and the child's device as 'child'.

Parent : Download the Google Family Link app from the Google Play Store

Baby : Download the Family Link for Kids and Teen app

Parent : Open the app and skip the start screen and set up with the Google account the user wants to use. When the user is encouraged to retrieve their child's phone, hit the 'Next' button. Note the code shown on the screen.

Child : Open the Family Link app and select the 'This Device' option. And select the child's Google Account and then enter the link code from the 'Parent' device.

Here if the user has not added their child's Google Account to their family network the application will request you to add at this stage.

Just High User their child's smartphone is now connected via Family Link and now the user can take control of the child's device using their smartphone. From this moment everything happens on the parent device and the child's device will be bound by a set of rules through the parent device.

Locating Child's Smartphone And Hopefully Your Kid

The Google Family Link app has a special card that can detect a linked child's smartphone. The user taps on the ‘Turn on’ button and the app will start showing the live location of the smartphone and apparently the location of their child.

Track Your Child's Smartphone Activities

Another useful feature of Google Family Link is the ability to monitor a child's activities on a smartphone. The Google Family Link card shows all apps and games. The child uses it and how long he has been using it. Google Family Link also allows pauses on any specific application.

Parental Controls

Setting up a tile card allows parents to set some ground rules for their child's device and restrict access to content such as YouTube, Google Search and the Play Store. Parents can also set a limit on the Google Family Link app, and the app will disappear from the home screen once the limit is reached. There is also an option to set permissions for Google Family Link apps and games that kids are trying to access on their smartphones.

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