What Does "FS" Stand For, And What Does It Mean?

The acronym "FS" stands for "for sure," and acronym "FS" is used to express confidence in a person or a situation. "FS" is one of the most commonly used acronyms in online and text-messaging conversations today.

This word has French origins. The phrase "for sure" is derived from the French word "sure." It has been deduced that it indicates that someone was certain. Between 1300 and 1350, the word "sure" was extremely popular. It is unknown when the phrase "for certain" first appeared. The phrase is thought to have been coined by California's "Valley girls" as they began to develop their own dialect.

People use "FS" as an abbreviation on the internet for a lot of different things. There are too many to list them all here.

FS Others Meanings

  • Fachschaft
  • Fighter Squadron
  • Figure Skating File Sharing
  • File System
  • Financial Services
  • Flight Simulator
  • For Sale
  • For Sure
  • Forest Service
  • Fouls Suffered (soccer)
  • Free Safety (football)
  • Free Space (computer disk)
  • Free Stuff
  • Full Scale
  • Full Screen
  • Full Service
  • Full Speed
  • Full Suspension (mountain bikes)
  • Full-Size
  • Future Shop

FS Synonyms List

  • Absolutely
  • Far and away
  • Categorically
  • Certainly
  • Clearly
  • Decidedly
  • Without doubt
  • Beyond any doubt
  • Easily
  • Without fail
  • Indubitably
  • Obviously
  • Plainly
  • Positively
  • Without question
  • Needless to say
  • Surely
  • Undeniably
  • Unequivocally
  • Unmistakably
  • Unquestionably
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