Free Online Gaming Websites

Here we provide a list of Free Online Gaming Websites. With the use of that list we can easily get information of site which provide which kind of games as well as features of that site.

1. is a online gaming website or we consider as portal. website is use to play games, get achievements, earn badges. Categories of are Action, Multiplayer, Shooter, Adventure & RPG, Sports & Racing etc.

FOG stands for Free Online Games. site provide games like Coin Games, Score Games, Shooting, Puzzle, Matching, Food, Sports, Physics, War, Racing etc…

3. site is a online gaming site that site provides lost of categories like Puzzle, Card, Board, Word etc… We can create our personal avatar with the use of

4. is use to find games tailored as per your interest. We can also get suggestion of games in Several games are available in like Puzzle, Card, Casino etc…

5. site provides lots of new games that’s why we don’t need to play old game we can play latest game. Some categories of is Puzzle, Hidden Object, Strategy etc..

6. is an online gaming portal which provides features like earn tokens, win price, play with friends as well as we can create out account. Categories like Matching, Racing, Shooters, Car Racing, Sports etc…

7. site is use to download online freeware games. site provides 100+ categories of game categories like 3D games, Sports, Pool, Multiplayer, Tower Defense.

8. site provide online gaming portal means that site contains games like Casino, Graphic Adventures, Puzzle Games, Arcade Games and so on. You can also create your account in this site and save your games.

9. is a site for download games like MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online), Mobile, Action, Adventure, Arcade, Shooting, Puzzle etc… site provide news like up coming new games, latest games, Features of games etc…

10. is a website to download games. That website contain 40+ categories to play games. Categories like Arcade, Sports, Card, Car Racing, Puzzle, Golf Games, Holiday Games etc…

11. site is use to download freeware games. That site provide features like Win cash price, Awards for playing tournaments as well as we can win money by playing games. Candy Crush is most popular game of that site.

12. site provide freeware games. site provide classic games like snake as well as Solitaire that site also provide games like card, puzzle, action, strategy, casino etc…

13. site is use to download games. includes categories like 3D games, Action, Addition, RPG, Ninja, Food etc… In that site 5000+ games are available to play and there are two modes to play games single player as well as multiplayer.

14. is a website to download freeware games which contain 60+ categories like 2 player, 3D Games, Action, Adventure, Aircraft, Aliens etc… Most popular game of that site is Angry Birds, PacMan.

15. is a freeware game download site which contain categories like Mind Games, Online Games, Racing, Puzzle, Classic Games etc…

16. is site for download games like Role Playing, Action, Adventure, Racing, Puzzle etc… That site provide information like latest games, Most played games, Top Rated games etc…

17. site provides games like Strategy, Car Racing, Sports, Action etc.. and we can also play 3D games, Multiplayer games here. We can also login in this site and create account for give ratting and review to the game.

18. site contain lots of great game categories like MMO(), Girls, War Games, Racing, Action, Skill etc.. We can create our account in that site to save games as well as we can add our friends.

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