Fastest Land Animal In The World

In the world many fastest animals are hunters and hunted. Most of fastest animals are run on four legs. In the kingdom of animal in many species. Many fastest animal in water the fastest animal in air and the fastest animal on land. So the top fastest land animals more information in this.

Blue wildebeest is called common wildebeest white bearded and brindled gnu. It is known to have 5 subspecies. It is native to south Africa Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Blue wildebeest average height is 115 to 145 cm and it’s weight is 290 kg. A features is the long black tail and it’s lifespan is 20 years. It is active during morning and evening because of afternoon is hottest so it is rest. Its food is zebra and short grass.

2. African Wild Dog

African wild dog

African wild dog known as painted hunting dog. Painted wolf, African hunting dog and African painted dog. It's largest family in Africa. It's shoulder’s height 60-75m and it's body-length is 71-112cm. African wild dog tail length is 29-41 cm and its weight is 18-36 kg. It's features is predominantly black with small white and yellow patches. It's main food is greater kudu. Impala, bushbuck and blue wildebeest.

3. Blackbuck


Blackbuck is also known of the Indian antelope. It's found in India and Pakistan. It's height is 74-84 cm. At the shoulder and weight is 20-57 kg. The upper parts and outsides of the legs are dark brown and black and the underparts and the insides of the legs are white. Blackbuck is active mainly during the day. It's in habits grassy plains and forested areas. Blackbuck found mainly in India and in Bangladesh in extinct. It's food is grass.

4. Brown Hare

Brown hare

Brown hare naturalised species. In the UK under the projected by wildlife and countryside act 1981. It is see the January to December. It’s length is 50 to 70 cm and weight is 2 to 5 kg. It’s color is golden brown a pale belly and a white tail and longer legs and ears with distinctive black tips. It’s inhabitants grassland farmland wetland and woodland living.

5. Cheetah


Cheetah is a large cat. It's occurs in North, southern and east america in 2016 global cheetah population has been estimated at around 7100 in the wild. It is the fastest land animal. Cheetah's weight is 21-72 kg and its called leopard. In 1990 species under the genus Miracinonyx. Cheetah's features is deep chest. Spotted pelage, small rounded head. Long thin legs and a long spotted tail a significant role in olfactory communication. In Asia see the cheetah few areas in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

6. Coyote


Coyote is native to North America. In 2019 is 19 species recognized. It's fur color is light gray and red or fulvous interested with black and white. It has varied diet of animal meat. Including deer, rabbits, birds, fruits and vegetables. It's weight is 8-20 kg and body length is 1.0 to 1.35m and tail length is 40cm. In 2004 lamp population in United States comprised 2.22 % old man coyote as the creator.

7. Greyhound


Greyhound is a dog. It as the Italian greyhound. It's full speed of 70 km per hours. Greyhound tail length is 71-76cm and weight is 27-40 km. It's shoulder's height is 68 to 71cm. It is generally docile, lazy, easy-going and clam greyhound wonderful pets. Greyhound lifespan is 10 to 14 years.

8. Hares


Hares same family of rabbits. It's have longer ears and live in Paris. It's Species are Africa, Eurasian and North America. Hares run up to 56 km/h and can leap up to 3m at a time. It's food is common meat and low fat a poor choice as a survival food. It's is not live in group. And domestic pet known the Belgian here in Australia where the hares are hunted as a feral pest.

9. Horse


Horse have a developer sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight response. It's an average lifespan of between 25 to 30 years. Horse and human in a wide variety of sports competitions. It's food is grass hay, alfalfa, oats, milk, etc. In 19th century horse lived to the age of 62 and record of old Billy. It's hand is equal 4 inches. And height is 62 inches. Horse weight is 380 to 550 kg. Horse coat color and patterns have been identified.

10. Jack Rabbits

Jack rabbits

Jackrabbits is a small mammal it's 5 species and found in central and western part of North America. It's found in central and western parts of North America. It's in habit open grassland farms, pastures and wastelands. Jackrabbits was hunted in fur and meat. It's length is 2 feet and weight is 3 to 9 pounds. It's can survive from one to five years in the wild.

11. Kangaroo


Kangaroo is the family Macropodidae. The largest species is red kangaroo antilopine kangaroo eastern grey kangaroo and western grey kangaroo. Wild kangaroo is shot for meat leather hides and grazing land. Male kangaroo called bucks boomers and jacks and female kangaroo called flyers and jills. A red kangaroo running speed 70 km/h. It’s food is the vegetation they have eaten cud. Kangaroo lifespan at 8 to 12 years in the wild.

12. Lion


Lion is the king of jungle. It's weight is 120 to 182 kg. Lion name is romance languages. Latin, Greek also related. Lion's body length is 184-208 cm and tail length is 82.5-93.5cm. The white lion called leucism. Lion group is called pride. It's food is plain zebra. African buffalo and giraffe Gir forest national park in India is famous of Asian Lion. Lion's dominated African wild dog. In 1990 Republic of the Congo nation park was considered a lion stronghold in April 2004 in southern Tanzania Man eating lion was killed.

13. Ostrich


Ostrich is a struthionidae of flightless bird. It is classified in the ratite group of bird and all extant species of flightless including the kiwi emus and rheas. In China ostrich is known to have extinct of the ice age of pottery and petroglyphs. Ostrich masai subspecies occurs alongside the somali ostrich. In 20 century middle of Arabian ostrich in Arabia hunted to extinction.

14. Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn antelope

Pronghorn antelope is a species of North America. It’s known is American antelope prong buck and antelope. Its length is 1.3 to 1.5 m and weight is 49 to 65 kg. Pronghorn antelope temperature is 30*c. It is found in Canada south dakota and california. Pronghorn forbs grass partly digested good. And stay the water is 5.0 to 6.5 km. Newborn pronghorn weight is 2 to 4 kg. In 1920 hunting the pronghorn population to about 13000.

15. Springbok


Springbok is medium size fastest land animal and it's found in southern and southwestern Africa springbok shoulders is 71 to 86 CM and weight is 27 and 42 kg. It's known as trekbokken springbok is national animal of South Africa. It's tail length is 14 to 28 cm ends in a short, black Taft. It's food is feed on shrubs and succulents before they lignite. Large population of springbok roamed the Kalahari desert and karoo.

16. Tiger


Tiger is the largest species in the genus panthera. It is generally a solitary but special predator. Tiger widely from Eastern Anatolia region in the west to the amur river. Tiger is national animal of India. In 2013 in published is tiger's full genome sequence. It's color varies from light yellow to reddish yellow with black stripes. Its weight is 90 to 360 kg. And length is 200 to 275 cm white tiger is dark sepia-brown stripes and blue eyes. Golden tiger is a blond tone and reddish-brown stripes.

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