Fastest Bird In The World

Today we have to talk about the world's fastest birds. Here we will get all the information about so many birds such as their lives, looks etc., so let we know about the world's fastest birds.

This is known as a predatory bird. The size is very small in Peregrine Falcon. This bird flies very high and sees. The Peregrine Falcon is sexually dimorphic, so female it is found larger than the male. This bird looks like Blue-Grey black, barred white underparts and black head are found.

Scientific Name : Falco Peregrinus
Maximum Speed : 389 km/h
Body Length : 34 to 58 cm (13-23 in)
Life Span : 15.5 Years in the wild

2. Anna's Hummingbird

Annas Hummingbird

This is a species of American hummingbirds. This bird is usually found in feeders and flower plants. This bird's appearance is known as a gray chestnut green color. Anna's hummingbird mainly eats food from flowers and leaves. This bird in the area is known as the beautiful bird.

Scientific Name : Calypte Anna
Maximum Speed : 98.27 km/h
Body Length : 10 cm
Life Span : 8.5 years

3. Canvasback


This bird is found in North America's marshes and swamps. Canvasback is known as a diving duck. This is a migratory bird. Canvasback 'V' is seen in the form of shape. This bird is the largest species of imported bacteria. Canvasback look of the is black and gray.

Scientific Name : Aythya Valisineria
Maximum Speed : 116 km/h
Body Length : 13-19 cm
Life Span : 16-22 Years

4. Common Swift

Common Swift

This bird is usually found in sharp medium size. The Common swift does not passerine arise from species. This Bird's feet are found very short. Common swift is eat insects, insects etc. on the tree. This bird is very beautiful.

Scientific Name : Apus apus
Maximum Speed : 112 km/h
Body Length : 16-17 cm
Life Span : 21 Years

5. Eurasian Hobby

Eurasian Hobby

This bird is usually found living in open areas. Eurasian hobby is known as the second lane of the Falcon. This bird flying high and is seen hunting on a pair. Eurasian hobby is also called acrobatic flight.

Scientific Name : Falco Subbuteo
Maximum Speed : 160 km/h
Body Length : 29-36 cm
Life Span : 14.9 Years

6. Frigatebird


This bird is said to be a bird of the sea. Frigatebirds get prey from the water. This bird mainly hunts fish. Frigatebirds have very large wings. This bird is found to remain in the air for up to one week. The size of this bird looks bigger.

Scientific Name : Fregata Magnificens
Maximum Speed : 153 km/h
Body Length : 89-114 cm
Life Span : 37-44 Years

7. Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

This bird is characterized by its golden feathers in its head and neck. The Golden Eagle usually hunts like a rat; rabbit, like a small mammal. These birds are found to be sexually-orientation dimorphic. This bird is known by predatory bird in the area of the northern hemisphere. A bird is found. The look of the golden eagle is brown.

Scientific Name : Aquila Chrysaetos
Maximum Speed : 240-320 km/h
Body Length : 66 to 102 cm (26-40 in)
Life Span : 13 Years

8. Gray-Headed Albatross

Gray-Headed Albatross

This bird resides on separate islands in the South Ocean. This bird only likes to pull food from the surface of the water. Gray-headed albatross can be seen flying very long. This bird is very beautiful.

Scientific Name : Thalassarche Chrysostoma
Maximum Speed : 127 km/h
Body Length : 81 cm
Life Span : 35 Years

9. Gyrfalcon


This bird is known as the largest Falcon in the world. Gyrfalcon prey on small birds and animals. The largest bird is found in the species of the Bird Falcon. The gyrfalcon live on many islands of beaches. These birds' wing looks changing with their place. Gyrfalcon looks is very beautiful.

Scientific Name : Falco Rusticolus
Maximum Speed : 200/320 km/h
Body Length : 18.9-25.2 in (48-64 cm)
Life Span : 13.5 Years

10. Ostrich


This is known as a huge bird. Ostrich is found in the area of Africa. Eggs of this bird are very large. Ostrich can run faster than others bird. This bird is known as a flightless bird. The bird's appearance is found in black and white colors. Ostrich is mainly found in food origin, leaves and seeds. Sometimes it is found that mice and insects are taken in food.

Scientific Name : Struthio Camelus
Maximum Speed : 96.6 km/h
Body Length : 2.1-2.8 m
Life Span : 45 Years

11. Red-Breasted Merganser

Red-Breasted Merganser

This bird is found in large numbers in lakes and rivers of North America and Europe. Red-Breasted Merganser is known as a large diving duck. The main food of this bird is fish, crab and shrimp. This bird is very beautiful.

Scientific Name : Mergus Serrator
Maximum Speed : 129 km/h
Body Length : 51-62 cm
Life Span : 9.5 Years

12. Rock Dove

Rock Dove

This bird is found inhabited in the West Asia. The appearance of Rock Dove is gray color. This bird is mainly food grain. Rack is found in large quantities in the world. This bird is very beautiful is there.

Scientific Name : Columba Livia
Maximum Speed : 148.9 km/h
Body Length : 29 to 37 cm
Life Span : 6 Years

13. Spur-Winged Goose

Spur-Winged Goose

This bird is found living in wetlands in Africa. The Spur-Winged Goose is the largest in the duck's colony. It can fly faster than other ducks. This bird is known as the largest African waterfall. The Spur-Winged Goose is mainly black and found in white wing.

Scientific Name : Plectropterus Gambensis
Maximum Speed : 142 km/h
Body Length : 75-115 cm
Life Span : 12 Years

14. white-Throated Needletail

white-Throated Needletail

This bird usually hunts insects such as locusts, seas, bees, etc. White-Throated Needletail passes most of its life in the air. These birds are inhabited in the rocky mountains of Asia this is a migratory bird. The appearance of a white-throated needletail is folded with long curved wings and a commanding body.

Scientific Name : Hirundapus Caudacutus
Maximum Speed : 169 km/h
Body Length : 20-22 cm
Life Span : 15.5 years

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