Little Forest Angel Fairy Pitta Bird Information

Today we have to talk about a bird named Fairy Pitta. This bird is known as a small and brightly colored pacific bird. Fairy pitta is known as "little forest angel" in Taiwan and "eight colored birds" in Japan, Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea Let's get information about Fairy Pitta.

Fairy pitta was first described in 1850 as a member of the Passeriformes and Family Pittidae. It is basically Indian pitta which is the origin of India and Pakistan. And it was considered to be the same race. Fairy pitta mainly feeds on underground, spider, insects, snails and snails. This bird migrates from Pita species in Asia East Asia and from south to winter in Southeast Asia. Fairy pitta population shrinks at most places. Fairy pitta is classified as threatening to the IUCN Red List of species.

Fairy pitta body length is 16-19.5 cm. This is what reminds us of fuel. This bird is easily understood for the seven different colors. Fairy pitta's back and wing bow are green, shoulders and upper tail cover green and cobalt. There is a blue rump on the upper tail cover. The tail with cobalt tip is dark green, and the feet are yellow brown in color. Fairy pitta has a chestnut crown. It is attached to the brown plumage in the forearm of the bird's forehead, while in the middle of it is scratched between the eye and the scare and black to the nose. This bird has a white throat and black beak.

Fairy pitta also has different color of wing cover. Its primary cover is dark blue; the secondary cover is a rich blue, large and medium cover, with dark green color. The bird's white patch of birds is noticeable on each of its black-and-white prey when they fly. The fairy pitta has a small side, chest and lower body, cream colored, which is red except for the lower stomach and red cover. The species based on the look and wing of this bird is different because there is no significant difference between men and women. The song of fairy pitta is clear and whistled kwah-he kwa-wu, which is like a blue-winged pitta.

Fairy pitta is a migratory bird and travels from northeast Asia. The bird comes on the Pacific side of Japan's sea and southern Japan, including Qusu, Honshou, Shikoku, and Tsushima Islands. Fairy pitta is 500 meters in the mountains southeast of China and it seems to be widely distributed in the jungles between 1,500 meters. The same choice extends to Hong Kong, where this bird hangs along its migration road.

Fairy pitta is known as a regional bird. And the male covert protects its territory. Although this bird is a common habit, Fairy Pitta wants to be released from mid-May to early June, sometime by the end of July, on a high tree branch in a posture like Kingfisher. Primarily, spiders, snails, lizards, frogs, small snakes and chakras are part of the diet. Fairy pitta is a dirty worm with high energy content. Ability to successfully make this item's plenty of food for nesting. Fairy pitta species are now protected under various national conservation laws. Because the rapidly declining populations in most areas, the growing number of studies in recent years has focused on this bird.

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