Facts About The Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way is about 26,000 light-years away from Galaxy Earth. And that's a little less supermassive in Galactic Cred. It is also known as Sagittarius. Milky Way is believed to have been built 12 billion years ago today. And this Milky Way is considered to be part of a group of about 50 galaxies called the Galaxy Local Group. Andromeda Galaxy is also a part of this group. The Milky Way galaxy diameter is estimated to be around 100,000 to 180000 ly. The number of locations in the Milky Way galaxy is estimated to be around 100-400 billion. In the event of frames there were globular clusters as the first stars. These stars still exist.

Milky way galaxy facts

These stars are considered to be one of the oldest stars composed in the Milky Way area. The galaxy is periodically merged with other galaxies. And he currently receives one small galaxy stars called the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal. Milky Way's central center is a supermassive black hole. And it is commonly known as Sagittarius A *. And it is believed to be about 4.3 million times the sea.

Milky Way Galaxy Profile

Type : Barred Spiral

Diameter : 100,000 - 180,000 ly

Distance to Galactic Centre : 27,000 ly

Mass : 800 - 1,500 M

Age : 13.6 Billion years

Number of Stars : 100 - 400 billion

Constellation : Sagittarius

Group : Local Group

The MIlky Way's name is ancient

Prior to the introduction of electric lights, there was no barrier against the sky all night on the earth.The ancient people have different names to our clouds of the galaxy as well. Matthew Stanley A, a professor of science in the Galtenian School of Individualized Study in New York University, lost the source of Greek names. Earlier, Live Science said it was one of the conditions. Which is very old. That its origin is usually forgotten now.

Our Milky Way Galaxy

We are not sure how many stars are there in the galaxy. Confirming the stars is very difficult. Only the bright stars are found in our galaxy by the telescope. Many stars are obscurely hidden from dust and gas. There is a simple chance of estimating the population of the stars of the galaxy. The speed of the stars is the speed. The base of the signal indicates the force of gravity. Divide the galactic set by the average size of stars. Astronomer of the Ecca of New York, David Live Science, told the Space.com that these figures are approximate.

Nobody knows how much the Milky Way weighs

The Gaia satellite of the European Space Agency has been mapped into the location of 1 billion stars O in our galaxy. Scientists of those believe that they represent 1 percent of the total. So there are approximately 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is a mass of our Sun from 700 billion to 2 trillion times. Ekta Patel, a astronomer from the University of Arizona of Tucson, said that in our galaxy, the amount of quantity collected on gravitationally large amounts of galaxies and galaxies has increased by 960 billion times and the estimation of the quantity of galaxies has been studied. The Milky Way is the large empty space in the bay.

The Milky Way is probably in empty spot in the universe

The massive structure of the Earth looks like a huge cosmic web. In which large territories like sting are attached. Which often differs only from the voices. Astronomer O is trying to photograph the demon hole in the center of the galaxy. The hidden starvation in the heart of our galaxy is the pinnacle hole with the weight of 4 million suns. Scientists know that until the galaxy could trace the trails of the stars in the center of the center.

Small galaxies orbit the Milky Way

In the 16th century, when Portages researcher Ferdinand Magellan passed through the southern Golhartha, the first European people reported on the circular group of stars in the sky in the night.In reality, the little stars are worlds. Which stars around the stars, like the stars of our galaxy. They have been named the Manganic Clouds. Write in our galaxy showed the same narrow "needle-like" orbit of stars. In our galaxy there is a vacant room among the vast amounts of stars. It is known as the aliphatic carbon composer. Recent studies have suggested that objects like Greece have been considered as a distinction between the interlaced carbon of the galaxy and quarter of the galaxy. Carbon is an building block of living things. Because it has grown immensely in the whole galaxy.

The Milky Way is full of toxic grease

Astronomers know that at present around 250,000 our neighbors, Andromeda is going towards the Galaxy. About 4 billion years of disaster occurs. That's what scientists did in 2010, so little. , He has created previously-seen compositions, over 25,000 light years and below the Milky Way galaxy. It has been named "Fairy Bubbles". Astronomers are looking for a shadow of light coming from the Universe. Which is known as a fast radio explosion. Researchers recently discovered 30 or more FRBs. And recently a scientist discovered 20 or more FRBs.

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