General Facts About The India

Here we describe some general facts about the India like the population of India as well as the national bird, national fruit, national animal and so on important information about the India. So first of all India is 2nd most populous country over the world as well as India is a south Asian country.

In 15 August, 1947 India is archived independent as well as the on 26 January, 1950 Constitution of India is adopted and also on 26 January Republic Day is celebrated in the India. 29 states and 7 union territories are in the India as well as the India is largest democracy over the world and also with a federal government. President of the India is Ram Nath Kovind as well as the Vice President of the India is Venkaiah Naidu and the Narendra Modi is a Prime Minister of the India.

India's national anthem is Jana Gana Mana and that anthem is written by the Rabindranath Tagore and the national song of the India is Vande Mataram and that song is composed in Sanskrit as well as by Bankimchandra Chatterji or the Royal Bengal tiger is a national animal of the India and Peacock is a national bird of the India as well as the national flower of the India is Lotus or Banyan is a national tree of the India or the Mango is a national fruit of the India as well as the national currency of India is Indian Rupee or the Hockey is a national Sport of the India.

Delhi is a capital of the India as well as the the +91 is a Telephone Country Code of India and the population of India is 1,21,05,69,573 as per 2011 and Official Name of the India is Bharat (in Sanskrit) as well as Republic of India (English). Capital of the India is New Delhi. Official language of the India is Hindi but India has not any national language. The world’s largest school is The City Montessori School and the City Montessori School is in the Lucknow, India and that school is largest school in terms of the students with over 45,000 inductees.

Citizens of the India is known as a Indian as well as the currency of the India is known as a Rupee and the bordering country of the India is China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan. India has a different culture and also extensive history. There are only few countries that are manufacture a supercomputers and the India is one of them as well as the India is one the country who launch a satellite or the main thing is that the India is first country over the world that enter the Martian orbit in and in its very first attempt.

India name is derived from the river and the name of the river is Indus as well as the India is the world’s oldest as well as largest and also continuous civilization as well as there are 300,000 active mosques in the India. World’s largest population of Hindu is in the India as well as in the terms of output largest movie industry is a Bollywood.

Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Islam is a Major Religions of the India as well as the sex ratio of the India is 943 females per 1,000 males and Literacy of the India is 73.00%. In the India's national flag there are Horizontal tricolor in equal proportion or in the flag deep saffron on the top of flag as well as white in the middle and in the bottom of the flag there is dark green or in the center of flag there is white band and there is wheel in navy blue color.

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