Interesting Facts About Planet Mars Moons

In this article we are describe about the moons of Mars it means Mars contains two moons Phobos and Deimos which was founded as well as discovered by Asaph Hall at the Naval Observatory in Washington DC in 1877. The High resolution camera is used to get image of two moons of Mars that is Phobos and Deimos on March 23, 2008 by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera as well as the credit of Image is taken by NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.

Name of the Mars is given by the Greek counterpart of the Roman god Hall named the moons for the mythological sons of Ares and the Meaning of the Phobos is fear that means think "phobia" as well as the meaning of the Deimos is flight. Founder of the Phobos and Deimos is Asaph Hall as well as Asaph Hall found that Moons during the his frustrating search but he was give up but wife of Asaph Hall urged him on and at last Asaph Hall found a Deimos and after six day he found Phobos.

The two Moons of Mars is Describe below

1. Deimos


The name of Deimos as per systematic designation is Mars-|| and the distance between Mars and Deimos, is only 8 miles that means across 13 kilometers. Deimos takes 30 hours for each orbit. The smaller of the two moons of Mars is Deimos and we can also say that Deimos contains color-enhanced view of Deimos as well as Deimos is about 7.5 million in diameter and also the credit of Deimos is goes to the NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona. The Deimos is named because Deimos in Greek mythology which is the twin brother of Phobos, and personifies terror.

Some carbonaceous materials, for example C-type asteroids and carbonaceous chondrite that two elements as well as components make a moon like Deimos. Deimos contains very strange shape means not like moons in the solar system. Deimos is founded by the Asaph Hall on August 12, 1877 after six days later continuing the search of Martian moons.

2. Phobos


The distance between Mars and Phobos is only 14 miles that means across 22 kilometers and we can also consider one thing about Phobos is Phobos is the larger one of Mars' moons and also we can say that Phobos is a bit larger than Deimos.

There are no known moon orbits closer to the Mars that’s why it whips around Mars 3 times in one day. Phobos is gradually spiraling inward that means Phobos drawing about six feet (almost 1.8 meters) closer to the planet each country and within 50 million years Phobos is crash into the Mars or break up and also Phobos makes a ring around planet. Phobos can contain only 1/1,000th as much gravitational pull as Earth as well as in the Phobos 150 pounds (around 68 kg) person's weight two once there only 68 grams.

We can see from images as well as from models how to look Phobos that means phobos contain a rubble pile held together by a thin crust as well as we can say that Phobos is a being torn apart by tidal interactions. Some other information about phobos is that the every hundred year phobos gets closer to Mars near 2 meters.

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