Facts About Family Guy Lois Griffin

Today we are going to talk about Facts about Lois Griffin. Lois Griffin is best known for his fictional character in the animated television series Family Guy. Lois Griffin is voiced by Alex Borstein and first appeared on television on December 20, 1998, with the rest of the Griffin family in a short span of 15 minutes. She was created by producer Seth MacFarlane. So let's gather a little more information about Lois Griffin.

She is known as the mother of the Griffin family. Lois Griffin and her husband Peter have three children, Mag, Chris and Stevie, and a family dog, Brian. Although Lois Griffin is often portrayed as an obsessive television mother and housewife, Lois Griffin admitted to being a methamphetamine-addicted and kleptomaniac. She also has a number of things, one of which allegedly led to Mag's imagination.

She was born to wealthy WASP parents Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt. In the episode "Family Goy", it turns out that Lois Griffin's mother actually survived a Holocaust that hid her Judaism. However Lois Griffin was raised a Protestant. She and the rest of the Griffins live in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island, modeled after Cranston, Rhode Island.

She also speaks with New England accents. Lois Griffin mainly works as a housewife throughout the series although she taught the piano in the opening episode. She also got various jobs in single episodes such as "FOX-y Lady" where she became the new journalist of Fox News Channel and was elected mayor in "Lois Griffin a Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One".

Three months later, MacFarlane created the Griffin Family and also piloted a show called Family Guy. Lois Griffin also features recurring characters such as Asian journalist Tricia Takanawa, Loretta Brown and Lois' mother Barbara Pewterschmidt.

There have been occasions in the serial where Borstein has not voiced Lois Griffin, as in the episode "Road to the Multiverse" where Borstein has not voiced in any of the scenes and has instead been voiced by Japanese actress Kei Ogawa.

Her personality has evolved throughout the episode. Lois Griffin is usually the voice for Peter's shenanigans but in some episodes she may act darker than usual and sometimes show a taste of sadomasochism. In the episode "The Son Also Draws" the family went to an Indian casino and lost the family car, showing her gambling addiction. In the episode "Model Misconduct" she becomes a bullying model.

After pushing Peter forward in terms of size Lois Griffin realizes that he enjoys being fat and leads a new sex life where Lois Griffin lets Peter feed his junk food so he can get bigger and fatter. Peter and she show off because of Peter's jealousy.

Many episodes suggest she is bisexual. In an interview, Borstein said she became "a little more snarky and sexy and sexual" after the first season to challenge him. Lois Griffin states in "Partial Terms of Endearment" that Salve had a lesbian relationship with Naomi when she was a student at Regina University.

Lois Griffin is ranked 12th on IGN's Top 25 Family Guy Characters. She is ranked two in the "IGN Family Guy: Top 10 Fights". She is about 43 years old. Lois Griffin had an affair with a man named Stan Thompson which led to the birth of Mag. She hates the sound of Bubble Wrap squeaking. Fran Drescher portrays her in real life in Griffins.

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