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Today we are going to talk about Facts about Brian Griffin. Brian Griffin is best known as the fictional character of the American animated television series Family Guy. Brian Griffin is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Seth MacFarlane is one of the show's main characters as an anthropological white Labrador and a member of the Griffin family. Seth MacFarlane works primarily as a less-than-skilled writer, trying to find himself in the series, writing essays, novels, screenplays and newspaper articles. So let's gather a little more information about Brian Griffin.

Brian Griffin has been featured in many of the merchant's items for the Family Guy. Brian Griffin is considered one of the show's biggest commercial characters. Brian Griffin has also performed crossovers in other McFarlane-produced shows like American Dad.

As a character he has been highly praised by critics. Brian Griffin was assassinated in the season 12 episode of "Life OF Brian" and the events of the episode received enough media attention and the show's fans reacted harshly. Brian Griffin returned two episodes, traveling time to rescue him after his best friend Stevie in "Christmas Guy."

Brian Griffin is known as the white-blue anthropological dog. Brian Griffin usually walks on his hind legs and has opposing toes and drives a second generation Toyota Prius. Often Brian Griffin is portrayed as just discreet.

There is little acceptance and no explanation of the human traits of this dog in general considering the show's treatment of anthropological characters and Brian Griffin is treated as a mostly human character. Brian Griffin is Stevie's best friend and is at the center of many of the occasional conspiracies around him.

Brian Griffin and Stevie have a love-hate relationship in which they constantly argue and insult each other and yet often show respect for each other. He is very fond of dry martinis and shows symptoms of withdrawal in various episodes when Brian Griffin is asked to drink alcohol.

Brian Griffin is the son of Coco and Biscuits who were normal dogs. Brian Griffin was a puppy because of his human characteristics. Brian Griffin was educated at the Ivy League. He was 7 years old at the beginning of the series but currently Brian Griffin is 8 years old. Despite Brian Griffin’s intelligence, you were shown the traditional dog behavior on occasion.

Brian Griffin doesn't bark at the mailman yet "It's very sad on Sunday" Brian Griffin is very scared of the vacuum cleaner when the mailman doesn't come to his house. And Lois says "Mr.Hoover" and in the episode” Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey". It turns out that Brian Griffin can only defecate and urinate on Griffin's front lawn.

In The Man with Two Brians, Brian Griffin tries to get the Griffin family's attention by showing them a home video of his puppy. However, no video of Brian Griffin as a puppy showed any member of the Griffin family.

Brian Griffin is a political liberal who advocates same-sex marriage and the "war on terror" to legalize marijuana. Brian Griffin is also an atheist. In the "April in Quahog" episode, Brian Griffin begins to pray in fear as news anchors Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons finish the news.

Brian Griffin actually scored the lowest score in the class which caused him an identity crisis. Brian Griffin was then generally unsure about his intelligence and would sometimes take credit for some of Stevie's achievements to show him intelligent.

Brian Griffin sees himself as romantic and has had many relationships over the years, primarily with human women. Brian Griffin sometimes resorted to lying in order to attract more women and make him look good. Brian Griffin will often abandon his personal beliefs and personality.

IGN's Ahsan Haque gave Brian Griffin a positive review. Brian Griffin has been named the best talking man-dog. He also praised Brian Griffin's adventures when Stevie called him "the center of many of the show's best bits."Ahsan Haque later made a list entitled "Family Guy: Stevie and Brian's Greatest Adventures" where he stated that pairing Brian Griffin and Stevie is always the winning formula for the family cow.

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