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ETH Zurich is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics university in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. It is the part of the Swiss federal institutes of technology domain. It is directly subordinate to Switzerland’s federal government school was founded in 1854 with the stated mission to educate engineers and scientists. The QS world university ranking in ETH Zurich is ranked 7th in the world in 2019. The times of higher education world ranking in 2018 Europe after Oxbridge and imperial college in London. QS world university ranking by subject it’s ranked is 3rd in the world for engineering and technology in the 2019 and 1 Turing award winner has been affiliated with the institute of August 2018. The IDEA league and the international alliance of research universities and member of the CESAER network.

The Swiss confederation and being giving it’s first lectures on 16 October 1855 as a polytechnic institute at the city of Zurich. It is the initially composed of six faculties including architecture, civil engineering, chemistry and political science. It is known as polytechnikum. A new federal university is highly disputed at the time. Both universities was co-located in the buildings of the university of Zurich. The first doctorates were awarded in 1909. It was given its current name is Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule. Another reorganizations structured the university in 12 department in 1924. And present has 16 departments. The best university in continental Europe and ETH Zurich is 1-5 universities in Europe and the top 3-10 best universities in the world. In the fields of chemistry, mathematics and physics. And 32 Nobel laureates associated with ETH. The Nobel prize in chemistry in 2010. The QS world university ranking placed ETH Zurich at 7th overall in the world in 2018. In the world ETH was 5th ranked in engineering, science and technology and behind the massachusetts institute of Technology, Cambridge university and national university in Singapore.

Reputation And Ranking
ETH Zurich is the top universities in the world. In Switzerland, ETH is obliged to grant admission to every Swiss residents take the Matura. In foreign countries are required to take either the reduced entrance exam and the comprehensive entrance exam is some applications from several European countries in this rule. All universities in Switzerland, academic year is divided into two semesters. 50% student is fail in first time and many students of choose to drop out of the course. It’s main language studies is German. The German language is required for bachelor students. Most of master is programmes and doctoral studies in English.

Admission And Education
ETH is obliged to grant admission to every Swiss residents take the Matura. The comprehensive entrance exam more application from several European countries. Most degree programmes contain a high amount of mathematical training. In application can to ETH even without any verifiable education records by passing the comprehensive entrance exam.

The main building across the street from the university hospital of Zurich and the university of Zurich. The new campus was completed in 2003 and the department of architecture, civil engineering, chemistry, chemistry, materials science and physics. In ETH Zurich in science city. In ETH Zurich a laboratory available for users interested in applying the techniques of ion beam analysis.

Students Life
ETH is the busiest students of all institution of higher education in Switzerland. The neighboring university of Zurich are well attended by ETH students and vice Versa. A specific department are the ETH entrepreneurs club and ETH model United nations. ASVZ celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2014.

Polyball is the most prestigious public events at ETH. The polly welcome to around dancers, music lovers and the extensively decorated main building. It is the biggest decorated ball in Europe. An annual rowing match between teams the two institutions on the river limmat. The various fields of natural sciences at conferences since 1962.

Notable Alumni And Faculty
The ETH and professors has been awarded the Nobel prize for their achievements at ETH. In physics Nobel prizes is in 1901 wilhelm conrad roentgen 1987 Georg bednorz. In chemistry Nobel prize in 1913 Alfred Warner in 2002 Kurt wuthrich and in 2010 Richard F. Heck. In medicine Nobel prize in 1950 Tadeus Reichstein and in 1978 Werner arber. Other Nobel including in 1945 Artturi Mari Virtanen 1968 har gobind khorana and 1987 Jean marie lehn. ETH president in January Joel mesot December 2005 November 2006 in Ernst hafen. ETH is the alma mater to many Olympic medalists and world champions.

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