WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero , Last Match, Death, Daughter, Wife, Height

Eddie Guerrero is born at El Paso, Texas, U.S. as well as the birth date of the Eddie Guerrero is 9 October, 1967 and Eddie Guerrero is Died on 13 November, 2005 (aged 38) or in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Eddie Guerrero is a professional wrestler of America as well as Eddie Guerrero is member of the Guerrero wrestling family.

Height of the Eddie Guerrero is 5 ft 8 in (approximately 173 cm) in as well as the weight of the Eddie Guerrero is 103kg (approximately 228 lb). Guerrero is graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1985 and also Guerrero is attended the University of New Mexico or after that New Mexico Highlands University on an athletic scholarship.

The last match for Eddie Guerrero was on SmackDown on November 11, 2005. He defeated Mr. Kennedy on the SmackDown! Team in the 2005 Survivor Series, He could not be in this match because he died of severe heart failure on November 13, 2005 and Randy Orton substituted Eddie.

Nationality of the Eddie Guerrero is Mexican and also American as well as books by includes Cheating Death and Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story. Wrestling under a hood as the black Tiger and also the Great Sasuke as well as Eddie Guerrero won the junior Heavyweight Super Grade Tag League for the new Japan pro wrestling in the October 1994. In 1995 Eddie Guerrero received his first mainstream exposure in the United States by joining the ECW and also winning the ECW World Television Championship as well as in 2000 Eddie Guerrero is signed with the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) or in 2003 Eddie Guerrero won the WWE U.S. Championship defeating Chris Benoit in the final.

Eddie Guerrero is married on 24 April, 1990 and Eddie Guerrero had two daughters first one is Shaul Marie Guerrero and second one is Sherilyn Amber Guerrero as well as Eddie Guerrero has a third daughter name of this daughter is Kaylie Marie Guerrero. During his two years separation from Vickie, Eddie Guerrero had a relationship with a woman name of the women is Tara Mahoney and after the two broke up Eddie Guerrero reconciled with Vickie. Eddie Guerrero and Tara remained close friends until his death in 2005.

On 13 November, 2005 the Eddie Guerrero is found unconscious in his hotel room at the Marriott Hotel City Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota by his nephew and the name of nephew is Chavo and who attempted CPR. Eddie Guerrero is pronounced dead when paramedics arrived at the scene and Eddie Guerrero was only 38 years old.

An autopsy revealed that Guerrero died as a result of the acute heart failure and that heart failure due to the underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Wife of Guerrero is Vickie Guerrero and she claimed that he had been unwell in the week and leading up to his death. Death of Eddie Guerrero is very shocking for his family and also for fans.

Eddie Guerrero is left an impact and also legacy on professional wrestling industry and that impact as a one of the most beloved performers of his generation and also Eddie Guerrero is an inspiration to many future professional wrestlers. Eddie Guerrero is posthumously inducted into the WWE as well as into AAA and also in Wrestling Observer Newsletter or Hardcore halls of fame.

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