Which Countries That Start With The Letter Q

Today we are going to talk about Countries That Start with Letter Q. Here we have to collect information about the currency, region, area phone code, capital, neighboring states of the countries starting with the Q Letter. There are 1 country that starts with the names Q, which is the most famous letter to begin with the names of those countries. So let's gather some more information about Countries That Start with the Letter Q.

1. Qatar

This country is located in West Asia. Qatar occupies the small Qatar peninsula on the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This country should be considered a constitutional monarchy that the whole monarchy is disputed. The only land boundary of Qatar lies in the south with neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia. The rest of this country is surrounded by Persian Gulf.

Islam is the official religion of this country. Per capita income is the highest in the world of Qatar. This country is classified by the UN as the country with the highest human development and Qatar is widely regarded as the most advanced Arab state for human development. Qatar is the third largest natural gas reserve in the world and supported by the oil reserves.

The vast majority of Qatar consists of low, barren plains covered with sand. The country has mild winters and very hot, humid summers. This country promises to develop sustainable alternatives to oil-based energy to maintain the national vision of the local and global environment.

ISO code2 : QA

ISO code3 : QAT

Capital city : Doha

Prefix : +974

Currency : Qatari riyal

Population : 2.83 million

Language : Arabic

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