Which Countries That Start With the Letter I

Today we are going to talk about Countries That Start with the Letter I. Here we have to collect information about the currency, region, area phone code, capital, neighboring states of the countries starting with I Letter. There are 10 countries that start with the names I, which is the most famous letter to begin with the names of those countries. So let's gather some more information about Countries That Start with the Letter I.

1. Iceland

This country is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic. Iceland has an area of ​​103,000 km2. Iceland is known as the least populous country in Europe. It is volcanic and geographically active in the country. The interior of Iceland consists of a plateau, characterized by fields of sand and lava, mountains and glaciers.

Many ice rivers over this country flow into the low seas. This country has a temperate climate, despite almost all the high latitudes outside the Arctic Circle on Iceland. Iceland's high latitude and coastal influence keep summer green and tundra climates in most archipelagos.

The market economy of this country is relatively low compared to other OECD countries. This country ranks high in economic, democracy, social stability and equality and is currently ranked first in the world by the average wealth of adults. In 2018 Iceland was ranked as the sixth developed country in the world by the United Nations Human Development Index.

ISO code2 : IS

ISO code3 : ISL

Capital City : Reykjavík

Prefix : +354

Currency : Icelandic Króna

Population : 339,031

Language : Icelandic

2. India

This country is a country in South Asia. India is the seventh largest country and the second most populous country in the region and the world's most populous democracy. India is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the south, the Arabian Sea to the south-west and the Bay of Bengal to the south-east.

The long occupation of this country, initially as hunter-gatherer, has made India very diverse in various forms of isolation. This country is a nuclear weapons state, which ranks high in military spending. India exhibits high biological diversity and has many species in which they are indigenous.

The land of this country is megadiverse, with four biodiversity hotspots. India's forest area is 21.4%, and the wildlife of this country, which is traditionally viewed with tolerance in Indian culture. This country has a population of 8.6% of all mammals, 13.7% of bird species, 7.9% of reptile species, 6% of amphibian species, 12.2% of fish species and 6.0% of all flowering plant species.

ISO code2 : IN

ISO code3 : IND

Capital City : New Delhi

Prefix : +91

Currency : Indian rupee

Population : 1,366,417,754

Language : Hindi, English

3. Indonesia

This country is a Southeast Asian country between India and the Pacific oceans. Indonesia is the largest island country in the world and has over seventy thousand islands. Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world and the Muslim majority country.

Despite the large population and densely populated regions of this country, there are large areas of forest in the country that support high levels of biodiversity. Indonesia has abundant natural resources such as oil and natural gas, coal, tin, copper, gold and nickel, while agriculture mainly produces rice, palm oil, tea, coffee, cocoa, medicinal plants, spices and rubber.

The country is situated on the equator and Indonesia's climate is relatively year-round. There are two seasons of wet season and dry season in this country. There is little danger to boats in the waters of this country due to typhoons and massive thunderstorms.

ISO code2 : ID

ISO code3 : IDN

Capital City : Jakarta

Prefix : +62

Currency : Indonesian rupiah

Population : 270.63 million

Language : Indonesian

4. Iran

This country is also called Persia and this country is a West Asian country. It is the 18th most populous country in the world. Iran's territory is spread over 1,648,195 km 2, making it the second largest country in the Middle East and the 17th largest in the world.

This country is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Iran has a large collection of fossil fuels, including the world's largest natural gas supply and the fourth largest proven oil reserve. Historically a multi-ethnic country, this country is a pluralistic society consisting of numerous ethnic, linguistic and religious groups and the largest are Persians, Azeri, Kurds, Mazandaranis and Lures.

The climate of this country is diverse. From arid and semi-arid in Iran, the Caspian is tropical on the coast and on the northern forests. Temperatures are rarely below freezing on the northern edge of Iran, and the rest of the year remains moist.

The wildlife of this country is made up of animal species, including bears, Eurasian links, foxes, clever, gray wolves, jackals, panthers and wild pigs. Other domestic animals in this country include Asian water buffaloes, camels, cattle, donkeys, goats, horses, and the sheep.

ISO code2 : IR

ISO code3 : IRN

Capital City : Tehran

Prefix : +98

Currency : Iranian rial

Population : 82.91 million

Language : Persian

5. Iraq

This country is a West Asian country. There are several ethnic groups in this country, including Arabs, Kurds, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Turkmen, Shabakis, Yazidis, Armenians, Mandeans, Circassians and Kawliya. About 99% of the citizens of Iraq are Muslim, and the Christians, Yarsans, Yezidis and Mandeans are also present.

This country has a coastline 58 km in size on the North Persian Gulf and includes the Mesopotamian Alluvial Plain, the northwest end of the Zagros mountain range and the eastern part of the Syrian Desert. Two major rivers, Tigris and Euphrates, flow from this country to the south and along the Persian Gulf to Shut-al-Arab, and these rivers provide a considerable amount of fertile land.

Culturally, this country has a very rich heritage and celebrates Iraq's past achievements in both pre-Islamic and post-Islamic times and is known for its poets. Iraqi painters and sculptors are among the best in the Arab world and some of them are world class, producing beautiful crafts including pillows and carpets.

ISO code2 : IQ

ISO code3 : IRQ

Capital City : Baghdad

Prefix : +964

Currency : Iraqi dinar

Population : 39,309,783

Language : Kurdish

6. Ireland

This country is an island in the North Atlantic. Ireland is separated from Great Britain to the east by the North Channel, the St and the Irish Sea. George Channel. This country is the second largest island in the British Isles. This makes the country the second most populated island in Europe after Great Britain.

The geography of this country includes the relatively low mountains around the central river and many of the naval rivers are inland. Ireland's lush vegetation is a product of its mild but changing climate that is free from extreme temperatures.

Most of the native roots of this country are non-native conifer plantations. The isolated land inhabited by this country is mammals. Ireland is influenced by the Irish weather in the Atlantic Ocean. The winters in Ireland are lighter than expected in the Northern Territory and though the summers are cooler here than in other European countries. Rain and cloud cover are abundant over Ireland.

ISO code2 : IE

ISO code3 : IRL

Capital City : Dublin

Prefix : +353

Currency : Euro

Population : 4.88 million

Language : Irish

7. Isle of Man

This country is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The defense of Isle of Man is the responsibility of the United Kingdom. Internationally, this country is known for its Isle of Man TT motorcycle races.

The area of ​​this country is approximately 572 square kilometers. There is a Chicken Rock on the Isle of Man with an unmanned lighthouse. The range of hills to the north and south to the Isle of Man differs from the central valley. The northern plains, unlike this country, are relatively flat and include frost-bearing deposits, mainly from western Scotland in colder times. This country has a recently deposited shingle beach.

This country has a temperate coastal climate. The average rainfall on the Isle of Man is the highest in Snuffled, where 1,900 millimeters a year. On July 12, 1983, the highest temperature recorded at 28 degrees Celsius was recorded at Ronaldsway in Isle of Man.

ISO code2 : IM

ISO code3 : IMN

Capital City : Douglas, Isle of Man

Prefix : +44

Currency : Pound sterling

Population : 90,720 people

Language : English

8. Israel

This country is a West Asian country and is located on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean. To the southwest of this country are the borders of Egyptian land. Israel has geographically diverse features in its relatively small area. Tel Aviv is the economic and technological center of this country and when its government is announced and the capital is Jerusalem.

This country is located in the Levant area of ​​the Fertile Crescent area. The sovereignty of this country is about 20,770 square kilometers and two percent of it is water. It is an important industry in the country and also includes tourists in Israel's temperate climate, beaches, archeological, other historical and biblical sites and unique geography.

Although small in size, this country is home to various geographical features. From the Negev desert in the south of Israel to the inland fertile Jezreel Valley, the mountain ranges of Galilee, Carmel, and the Israeli coastline along the Mediterranean coast to the Golan in the north, occupy much of the country.

ISO code2 : IL

ISO code3 : ISR

Capital City : Jerusalem

Prefix : +972

Currency : Israeli new shekel

Population : 8,972,000

Language : Hebrew

9. Italy

This country is a European country with a peninsula. Italy has a total area of ​​301,340 km2 and shares land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and the enclave microstates of Vatican City and San Marino. Due to its central geographical location in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, this country has historically been home to numerous people and cultures.

Today, this country is considered as one of the most culturally and economically developed countries in the world. The country has the sixth highest national wealth in the world, the third largest central bank gold reserve and the longevity is high. Italy plays a leading role in regional and global economic, military, cultural and diplomatic matters.

In addition to the many small islands in this country, the peninsula and Sicily and Sardinia are the two largest Mediterranean islands. There are 14 volcanoes in the country and four of them are active. The climate of this country is very diverse due to the great longitude expansion of the peninsula and mostly the interior design of the mountain. In most northern and central regions of Italy, the climate ranges from humid subtropical to humid continents and seas.

ISO code2 : IT

ISO code3 : ITA

Capital City : Rome

Prefix : +39

Currency : Euro

Population : 60,508,701

Language : Italian

10. Ivory Coast

This country is a country located on the southern coast of West Africa. Ivory Coast still relies heavily on agriculture as cash crop production is the main focus on small agriculture. About 78 different languages ​​are spoken in this country. Ivory Coast has a large population of Muslims, Christians and various indigenous religions.

This country borders Mali and Burkina in the north, Ghana in the east, Liberia and Guinea in the west and the Gulf of Guinea. Cultivable land on Ivory Coast accounts for 9.1%, permanent pasture 41.5% and permanent crop 14.2%. Water pollution is one of the biggest issues currently facing the Ivory Coast.

Each ethnic group of this country has its own musical genres and most of them show a strong vocal polyphony. Talking drums are also common on Ivory Coast. Popular country genres include zoblazo, zouglou, and Coupé-Décalé.

ISO code2 : CI

ISO code3 : CIV

Capital City : Yamoussoukro

Prefix : +225

Currency : West African CFA franc

Population : 25.72 million

Language : French

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