Information About American Actor Cameron Boyce

Cameron Mica Boyce is an American actor as well as Cameron Boyce is born in the Los Angeles, California, U.S. and birth date of the Cameron Boyce is 28 May, 1999 and also he died on 6 July, 2019. So, here we get some more information about the Cameron Mica Boyce.

Cameron Mica Boyce makes his first acting appearance in the panic at the Disco music video he makes his first film in Mirrors in the 2008 after that in the Disney Channel's comedy series Cameron Boyce is went to become star as Luke Ross. Cameron Mica Boyce is performing acting in many films also like Eagle Eye as well as Grown Ups and also Grown Ups 2.

Cameron Mica Boyce is known for his role as Carlos in three Descendants television films and he also performed lead role as a Conor in the Disney XD's comedy series as well as Cameron Mica Boyce is also done voice acting for various works like Jake and also Herman Schultz in Spider-Man.

Cameron Mica Boyce is a son of the Libby and Victor Boyce as well as father of the Cameron Boyce is of Afro-Caribbean and also he is African-American descent or mother of the Cameron Mica Boyce is Jewish. Jo Ann Boyce is a grandmother of the Cameron Mica Boyce and also she is a one of the Clinton Twelve as well as she is the first African-Americans to attend the integrated high school in south, in 1956 or also as ordered by the Brown v. Board of Education.

Cameron Boyce died on 6 July, 2019 means when Cameron Boyce died at that time age of him is just 20 years as well as according to the statement by Boyce's family death of the Cameron Boyce is caused by an epileptic seizure and also family also say that Cameron Boyce had previously been diagnosed with epilepsy.

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