What You Should Know About British Jay Bird

The British Jay bird has beautiful markings that set it apart from other members of the crow family. Its shy nature, on the other hand, makes it difficult to spot because it prefers to stay under cover within the woodland.

Jays are found throughout the UK, with the exception of northern Scotland, and are active all year. They prefer broadleaf woodland, but can also be found in conifer forest, scrub, and urban areas. The jay's distinctive'screeching' call is a dead giveaway that this bird is nearby.

What they eat

It primarily consumes nuts, seeds, acorns, and insects, but it also consumes the nestlings of other birds and small mammals.


Length: 34-35cm

Wingspan: 52-58cm

Weight: 140-190g


UK breeding: 170,000 territories

Feather colour

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Cream/buff
  5. Grey
  6. Pink/purple
  7. White

Leg colour

Brown Pink


  1. Black
  2. Medium length
  3. Powerful
  4. Chunky

Natural habitats

  1. Woodland
  2. Farmland
  3. Urban and suburban

Are jays rare in London?

Except for northern Scotland, jays can be found throughout the majority of the United Kingdom. They live in both deciduous and coniferous woodland, parks, and mature gardens, and you can see them all year, but they are most visible in the autumn when they are looking for acorns, beech mast, and hazelnuts to bury.

What does seeing a jay signify?

Blue jays are widely regarded as a spiritual animal, symbolising faithfulness, solidarity, courage, and protection. Others regard them as symbols of intelligence, communication, and enquisitiveness.

Do jays steal eggs?

Crows and other corvids (including magpies, jackdaws, rooks, ravens, and jays) are the most common predators of bird nests. They actively look for nests in hedgerows and scan the ground from trees for nesting birds.

Where do jays build their nests?

Jays build their nests in trees or large shrubs. They build untidy nests of twigs that are lined with roots, hairs, and fibres by both birds. These birds typically lay 4–6 eggs that hatch in 16–19 days.

Are jays intelligent?

Blue Jays have a high level of intelligence.

Blue Jays are astute. Exceptionally astute. They belong to the Corvidae family, which includes ravens and crows, and as a result, they are extremely intelligent. In fact, many scientists believe that the Corvid family of birds is the smartest on the planet.

What trees do jays build their nests in?

They select coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs in scrub and parkland, as well as trees in urban areas. Jay nests are most likely to be found in dense woodland with heavy foliage; they are shy and prefer to hide away from view. They prefer broadleaf trees because they provide the most cover.

What is the call of the jay bird?

The call of the Eurasian jay is shrill rather than sing-song like that of some smaller British birds. The call is more shrill, and it is frequently heard in short bursts. It can be difficult to distinguish because it sounds similar to a Magpie's call.

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