Betelgeuse Star Facts Information

Today, we have to talk about the star named Betelgeuse. This is known as the brightest star in the sky in the ninth position. The second star in the constellation of the Betelgeuse Orion is known as the brightest star. This star is seen as a clear red, semi regular variable star. So let's get a lot of fact information about star named Betelgeuse.

The size of the Betelgeuse is approximately 600 million miles in diameter. The magnitude of this star is found between 0.0 and 1.3. The temperature of the Betelgeuse is found to be 6000 F. Because of which, it is found to be about 7500 times outside the sun's energy. The name of this star is derived from the Arabic language. This means “Armpit of the Giant”. The Betelgeuse is from 642.5 light-years away from Earth. This star is one of the brightest three stars. So, this star the Winter Triangle creates asterism. Due to this, this star is seen by marking the center of Hexagon. Betelgeuse can be seen in the eyes of the naked eye.

Betelgeuse is found to be fast growing due to its high set. This star is seen in the end of the evolution of stars. Due to which the explosion is expected to occur as a supernova in the next million years. Betelgeuse has become the star in the 1920s due to its extrasolar, which makes it possible to measure its photosphere. This star is seen surrounded by a complex, asymmetric envelope. The angular diameter of Betelgeuse seems to have been simply crossed by R Doradus and the Sun. In 1836, the Brightness of this star was described by Sir John Herschel. Thereafter, it had made many observations by 1840, registering changes in its magnitude. Betelgeuse is a bright infrared source near the sky. The intensity of the band of -2.99 is found. Astronomers have identified at least six shells around this star. The bright energy of this star is about 13% visible in the form of visible light.

Betelgeuse is commonly known as a single isolated star and runway star. The length of this star was known as π = 7.63 ± 1.64 mas, which can be known as the distance of 131 PC or approximately 430 ly. This star is seen showing changes in small brightness near the +0.5. The diameter of this star varies from time to time. Betelgeuse radius is seen to decrease by 15% from 1993 to 2009. This star kinematics is complex. Betelgeuse was created about 10 to 12 million years ago. The possibility of being able to create the most stars for them is that it is known as Runway Star of the Orion OB1 Association. This star is believed to be mainly about 70% hydrogen, 28% helium and 2.4% heavy elements.

Betelgeuse was different from the Sun and was known as the first star. Its size is huge. In 2008, the distance of this star was estimated to be 640 light years from Earth, which seems to be approximately the maximum quantum-6.02. Betelgeuse is transmitted at intermediate speed of 30 km / s through the interstellar. This can be seen as a shockwave on the width of 4 light years. This star is makes sun almost enclosed the outer layer, which is made of gas and dust. And it cools down for some time.

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