Top 10 Best Offline Android Games 2021 (No Wifi/internet)

Here, we talk about top offline games, which we often playing in our phone and tablet without internet. Let’s take brief information about offline games.

This is the virtual sports game, Pool Ball. The game was made on 3 dimensions view.

2. 100 doors World Of History – Puzzle

100 doors World Of History – Puzzle

This is the challenging logic puzzle game and game of 100 doors, 100 floors or escape from the room category.

3. Badland - Adventures

Badland Adventures

The Badland is the action adventure game with beautiful trees and flowers, game has single player and multiplayer both options available single player has 100 unique levels and multiplayer has 23 different levels.

4. Big Little Farmer Offline Form - Casual

Big Little Farmer Offline Form Casual

Farmer simulator is a offline video game series created by Giants Software, player can able to do farming grow crop and sell assets created from farm.

5. Brothers in Arms 3 - Arcade

Brothers in Arms 3  Arcade

This game Brothers in Arms 3 is based on world war 2 first person shoots game.

6. Crashlands - Adventure

Crashlands Adventure

Crashlands is the action adventure roleplaying game created and published by Butterscotch Shenanigans in January 2016.

7. Darts King - Sports

Darts King Sports

Darts King is the sport in which small missiles are thrown at a circle board fixed to the wall. There is some various rule which are special design for different board and set of rules.

8. Eternium : Mage and Minions – Roleplaying


Eternium is the completely free and action roleplaying game, which is amazingly fun and beautiful game. The game was launched in 2014 and actively modifying by developer team.

9. Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Strategy

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Strategy

The Kingdom Rush Frontiers is tower defence video game developed by Ironhide game studio and published by Armor game in July 2011.

10. Limbo - Adventure

Limbo Adventure

Limbo was developed by Playdead and released in July 2010 on Xbox live arcade, which is puzzle platform video game.

11. Minecraft Pocket Edition - Adventure

Minecraft Pocket Edition Adventure

In this game multiplayer game mode is allow and player has to build buildings and maintain their health, creative mode has to where player can use unlimited resources to build the world and also ability to fly, adventure mode.

12. Overkill 3 - Action

Overkill 3 Action

Overkill is a series of video game and free of cost action game developed by Craneballs Studio and released in October 2014.

13. Quizoid – Trivia

Quizoid – Trivia

Trivia is a game series of offline question answer game released in August 2017 in iOS and in android on December 2017. Player can win price through playing game or money.

14. Road Drivers : Legacy - Racing

Road Drivers Legacy  Racing

The Road Drivers is the stunning 3d graphics car racing game which has smooth and realistic car handling, different types of game like sports car roadster, muscle cars and also you can buy new car and modified the car.

15. SimCity BuildIt – Simulation Creativity

SimCity BuildIt – Simulation Creativity

The SimCity is mobile simulation city building free of cost offline game, which is created by Tracktwenty and published by Electronic Art in 2014.

16. Smash Hit - Arcade

Smash Hit Arcade

Smash Hit is the first-person video game created by Swedish indie studio Mediocre AB in 2014. This type of game also called mindless game and in this game music will change after level by level.

17. SoulCraft – Action RPG – Roleplaying

SoulCraft – Action RPG – Roleplaying

SoulCraft is an action roleplaying game and we can play it offline. In this game you will be warrior and fighting against dragons, answer the call and be the legendary hero in the action role playing game.

18. Special Forces Group 2 – Action (FPS)

Special Forces Group 2 Action (FPS)

Special Forces Group is first person shoot game created by Korean game developer company in 2004.

19. Sudoku - Puzzle

Sudoku  Free  Offline Puzzle

Sudoku is the puzzle type logical game where 9*9 grid is given and player has to fill the blank square between 0 to 9 digit and no same digit will cross match.

20. The Room 3 - Puzzle

The Room 3 Puzzle

The Room 3 is three-dimensional puzzle video game which is created by Fireproof game in November 2015.

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