10 Best Natural Home Remedies For Inflammation

You may be very familiar about the inflammation word what it is and how it suffers. Inflammation is nothing but it helps to heals infection. But excessive inflammation can be harmful for the body.
Symptoms of the inflammations are like joint pain, redness, stiff joints, swollen joints, loss of joints. Diseases like fever, cold, headache may also cause the inflammation.

Don’t worry we have some homemade ingredients which will very helpful to you to get rid of inflammation. Here I have described some traditional solutions.

Here we will suggest the food which has anti inflammatory properties which helps in inflammation.

Anti inflammatory component – Oleocanthal

If your inflammation is due to diabetes or joint pain then olive oil is blessing for you. If you cook your food by using olive oil then it will reduce the problems related to inflammation because of diabetes or joint pain. Olive oil is antioxidant which helps to battle from the chronic inflammation.

oleocanthal presents in the olive oil is a very helpful component which indirectly helps to fight from the inflammation. Because,it prevents the production of elements which causes the inflammation. Olive oil can be used as a massage purpose also for swollen parts and joints.

Remedy :
1. Start using olive oil in your daily food.
2. Warm olive oil can be used in massage of affected area.

2. Turmeric


Anti inflammatory component - Curcumin
Turmeric is used in cold widely as it has anti inflammatory property. Turmeric milk can be used for swollen throat to reduce the inflammation. Main miracle is because of curcumin as it is responsible for yellow color of turmeric and for anti inflammatory property. You can use turmeric ointment on the swelling part of the body to get rid of swell and inflammation. Turmeric is used in indian cuisine. You can add it in your food to get rid of inflammation.

Remedy : boil the milk and add 1 tablespoon turmeric inside it. Drink that lukewarm milk to battle the inflammation.

Warning : Avoid over use of turmeric if you have continue your any medicine.

3. Ginger


Anti inflammatory component - Gingerol

Ginger is also a spice used in indian food have a pungent flavor. Ginger is directly affects on the cell. Ginger has a anti inflammatory property due to gingerol which prevents the enzymes like cox-2 is responsible for inflammation.

Remedy : While making tea add the ginger in it and boil it. Then drink that tea.

Warning :- If you are pregnent then avoid this remedy. Ginger thins the blood.

4. Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is also one therapy used to reduce the inflammation. Reason for heat and cold therapy is only that heat can lose the muscle tension, and cold therapy can numb the pain. But both should be used in limited amount.

Remedy : Take a warm water and cold water in the different bowl. Soak a cloth in each bowl. First put warm compress on the inflammed part. Then put a cold compress on the same part. Repeat it. Do this 3 times per day.

5. Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries

If you are athletes and suffering from the inflammation then tart cherries helps you a lot. Tart cherries help to fast recovery of the muscles. If you start drinking the tart cherry juice before hard exercise or running then it will helps a lot to you to reduce the post muscle pain. Tart cherry has a rich anti inflammatory property. So, it will help like a lubricant in the joints and reduce the pain.

Remedy : Drink fresh tart cherries juice without adding sugar in it.
Warn : If you feel uncomfortable like stomach pain then do not drink it.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Anti inflammatory component - Capsaicinoids
Cayenne pepper has an anti-inflammatory property because of capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids directly related with the central nervous system. This compound numbs the central nervous system that is the reason that message of pain cannot reach to the mind. Cayenne pepper is highly used to reduce the pain like antibiotic medicine.

Remedy : Take a supplement of capsaicin to reduce the pain of inflammation as per your doctor’s advice.

7. Pineapple


Anti inflammatory component - Bromelain
Pineapple is known for healthy bone. Pineapple is rich source of vitamin C. Pineapple consists of anti inflammatory property. bromelain presents in pineapple is a reason for the anti-inflammatory property. Pineapple juice can be used for the patients of arthritis, joint disorder, swelling of joints. Some patients are given bromelain supplement as a medicine of the inflammation.

8. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a spice used in food frequently for delicious taste. Cinnamon also has an anti-inflammatory property. Cinnamon is used as a drug for cold also. Cinnamon is widely used as herb in chronic inflammation. So, you can use cinnamon in your food to reduce the pain of inflammation.

9. Clove


Anti inflammatory component - Eugenol
Clove is a spice used in Indian cuisine. Clove is not only used to add taste in the cuisine. Compound called eugenol is in the clove which contains the anti inflammatory property. Clove can reduce the pain of inflammation. It is also used to reduce the inflammation caused by throat and mouth. You can use the oil made from the clove to reduce the inflammation.

10. Egg Membrane

Egg Membrane

Egg membrane is known to reduce the joint pain like arthritis. Egg membrane is known as to reduce the pain because of inflammation. Natural Egg membrane is used to boost the muscles of the joint health. interleukin-1 is a reason of generation of the inflammation. So, Egg membrane is used to reduce the this type of compound. Egg membrane is faster and safe solution to reduce the inflammation pain in the joints.

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