Top 20 Best Helmet Company In India

Today we are going to talk about Best Helmet Brands in India. Some of the many helmet brands listed here are national and some are international. Here we are going to talk about different types of helmet shell shapes, materials, graphics and many helmet ratings etc. So let us gather some more information about Best Helmet Brands in India.

1. Steelbird

Helmet Brands called Steelbird is known as the oldest surviving company in India. Helmets of this brand of high quality with stylish design have been taking care of people's safety for 50 years. The Steelbird Company offers helmets ranging from open face to motocross. Steelbird also offers customized helmets. This type of brand helmet is considered to be strong, reliable and cost-effective.


This type of Helmet Brands is known as an ancient brand. ARAI Company was started in 1926. ARAI is a Japanese company. And this type of Helmet Company manufactures some of the best motorcycle helmets in the world. ARAI has served the market based on their principles of protection, quality and comfort.

3. SMK

SMK Helmet Brands is known as the best helmet brand in India with price. This company brings a technically advanced helmet to the market. The helmets of SMK Company are not only safe but also look aesthetically appealing. The concept and design aspect of helmets is done in this brand in Europe.

4. Aaron

Almost all the helmets available for men from India are found in Aaron Company. This type of brand is headquartered in New Delhi. Innovation, quality and research have made this company a major player in India's helmet industry. Aaron Company manufactures all helmets from Bluetooth helmets to Moto-X helmets.

5. Autofy

This type of company is considered to be famous in quality. The Autofy brand uses some exceptionally long-lasting and durable polycarbonate as the exterior to make its helmets and that is why the Autofy Company is known as one of the best helmet brands in India. The helmets from Autofy are simple yet sleek.

6. Gliders

Helmets manufactured by this type of company are protected from gliders to make quality, safety, comfort and price their priority when making them. The helmet company called Gliders is known as an Indian company. The Gliders Company is considered a part of TP Industries.

7. HJC

This type of company has been recognized globally as one of the top sellers of helmets for the last 50 years. The HJC Company provides helmets for bicycles, motorcycles as well as auto toe segments. The HJC brand focuses on high quality and trendy designs. Helmets of this type of company are currently sold in many parts of Europe, India, North and South America.

8. Royal Enfield

Anyone who rides a Royal Enfield Company bike prefers to wear this type of brand helmet. Helmets from the Royal Enfield Company are available in a variety of sizes and colors and match different bike designs. Royal Enfield's helmets look very fashionable, comfortable and durable.

9. THH

THH Company is a Taiwan based company. The THH brand has a reputation for providing quality helmets in the manufacturing industry. This type of company uses a high-tech device such as carbon fiber caviar. THH helmets are light in weight, good for ventilation and made of high quality raw materials. This company's helmets regularly come with exciting models and graphics.

10. Studds

Studds Company is known as a reputed company in India. This type of company is also known as the largest helmet manufacturer in the world. Studds helmets are well known for their quality and design. The Studds Company provides helmets and functional accessories.

11. Vega

This type of company is known as the most popular helmet brand in India. Vega is headquartered in Belgaum, Karnataka. A brand called Vega has focused on the design as well as the quality of its helmets. And this type of company offers a wide range of helmets and accessories.

12. Shark

This type of helmet brand is known as the French brand. The Shark Company's focus is on safety, performance and engineering. This type of work is a leading innovation in helmets. And Shark was founded in France in 1986. A brand called Shark is best known for its technology and design

13. Bell

This type of helmet brand is made by Helmet Bell Motors. The Bell Company’s helmets differ in design from others in the market. The Bell brand has a wide range of helmets. Helmets from this type of company provide a very nice ventilation system.

14. MT

Helmets of this type are made by a company from Spain. MT Company sells their helmets in more than 95 countries providing diversity and great support. The brand called MT makes helmets from a variety of products ranging from thermoplastics to carbon-composites.

15. AGV

This type of brand has been at the forefront of offering helmets since 1947. The AGV Company also provides the user with helmets with full face, half face and many more. A company called AGV offers products according to the riding style of the biker.

16. Fastrack

This type of bike helmet is another product line, which, like other products from the Fastrack Company, features a very attractive design in this brand of helmets.


This type of brand is known as the world's premium helmet company. The SHOEI brand was founded in 1959. The products of SHOEI Company are the result of ingenious research and imagination. SHOEI provides .n-road as well as road f-road helmets for bike riders.

18. Aerostar

This type of brand is known as one of the reputed brands of helmets in India. The Aerostar Company is seen offering a wide variety of good-quality helmets. For the last 24 years, this type of helmet brand has been protecting the lives of people in India by selling good quality helmets.

19. Wrangler

This type of brand is known as one of the very best brands in America. The Wrangler Company offers open-face, full-face, half-face and other varieties of helmets in India. The Wrangler Company is stylish yet simple yet stylish. This type of brand offers premium top-quality helmets to satisfy their customers.

20. LS2

This type of helmet brand is a global brand. LS2 is developed based on its research and development efforts. The LS2 Company offers a wide range of designer helmets. This brand has been producing a large number of designed helmets for the last 25 years.

Types of Helmets


Users who prefer off-roading and dirt bikes prefer off-road type helmets. These types of helmets are the ones that are lighter in weight and are made for the best protection.


Open-face type helmets come with an open face. This type of helmet covers the top and back of the user's head but the face of the rider remains uncured as there is no chin strap. Open-face type helmets are lightweight.


This type of helmet is known to be the most beneficial helmet for injury prevention. The full-face type helmet comes with morning chin and jaw protection and which can cause severe damage in an accident. A full-face helmet is perfect for all types of bikers.


Dual-sport type helmets are hybrids. Dual-sport type helmets are also known as crossovers. And this type of helmet is a combination of off-road and full-face helmets. Therefore, dual-sport type helmets can be worn while riding off-roading.


This type of helmet can be seen as a strong cap. Half type helmets do not provide much protection on the front. This type of helmet covers only the top of your head. This type of helmet is good for air flow but is not recommended from a safety standpoint.


Modular helmets are also known as flip-ups. You can choose to ride with this type of helmet. The extra fitting of a modular type helmet can make it a little heavier than a full face.

Benefits of Wearing a Helmet

Weather Protection

Helmets are the harsh rays of the sun that cover your head from heavy rain and enable the helmet to focus on the road without worrying too much about the weather conditions.

Cut Out Wind

The effect of noise and wind for the user when the head comes out can be challenging for the rider. The helmet covers the user's head and ears and also cuts off the oncoming wind.

Avoid Penalty

In urban areas it is mandatory for all people to wear a helmet while driving and this can help all persons to follow the law and avoid financial penalties by traffic authorities.

Avoid Injury

Wearing a helmet can protect everyone from head injuries. Helmets are considered a safety precaution.

Eye Safety

Helmets often come in handy to prevent an organism or any other vision from getting worse and to ensure eye safety.

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