Australian Cattle Dog Breed Information

Here we talk about Australian cattle dogs. Austrian Animal dog , also called Blue Heeler or the Queensland Heeler. It is affiliated with Austrian-born wild dog, Dingo. Australian migrants have been developed on the elaborate branch for cattle, which are used as hurling dogs. In addition to herring function, the OS performs well in canine games, including animal dogs, obeisance, rally, fly bill and flying disc space. Australian animal dogs are physically and mentally active. It always requires jobs and activities .The Australian cattle dog is a natural nature by nipping and biting. She does not want to be separated from her owner. It is associated with an Australian-born wild dog, Dingo.


The Australian cattle Dog is a full-fledged contribution in the meat industry and in importance in the economy. Australian cattle Dog was known as the British Import Smith-field. That cattle dog reached the high level and the vast distances from the new home. The Australian Cattle Dog was admitted to the AKC in 1980 and became a charter member of the AKC Herding Group upon the founding of the group in 1983.


Australian Cattle Dogs are generally healthy. Deafness: This Australian cattle has hereditary status in a dog, but it can be verified when puppies are very small. Deaf dogs should not be given birth. Research suggests that deafness is color-related. Brain System Auditory Evoked Response (BER) testing is useful in determining hearing problems, but it is not only a tool, but a remedy.


The Australian cattle Dog are the defensive of its territory. And he defends it. He's also reserved with strangers. But he's devoted to his owner and family. Australian cattle Dog Makes her owner Love And his owner likes to go wherever he goes. He is smart, but at times he can be willful and stubborn. Consistent, positive training helps control his independent streak.


Australian Cattle dog should be given high quality food. The food of this breed dog depends on its time, activity and metabolism. Australian cattle Dog needs less food. Information about this breed's dog's food should be taken from a veterinarian. This breed should give food to the dog and his age in meditation.


The Australian Cattle Dog's weather-resistant outer coat is short and he has a dense undercoat. The Australian dog does not have to shed throughout the year, but instead of that year sometimes its coat has to be "hit".

This dog is found in a few weeks, shedding undercoat clumps.


Australian Cattle Dogs need training and early socialization is also needed. Like any dog, it can be horrified when it is young. Because it does not have a society. Your Australian Cattle Dog is made of a rounded dog. The initial socialization has been enunciated. Australian Cattle Dog must be careful to chew, weed and bite.

Other information

Name : Australian Cattle Dog

Other Names : Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, Cattle Dog, Red Heeler

Origin : Australia

Breed Group : Herding (AKC: 1980 & UKC)

Size : Medium

Type : Purebred

Life Span : 12-15 years

Height : Male : 17-20 inches (43-51 cm)

Female : 17-19 inches (43-48 cm)

Weight : 30-62 pounds (13-28 kg)

Colours :


Blue Mottled

Blue Speckled

Red Mottled

Red Speckled

Litter Size : 1-7 puppies, average 5

Puppy Prize : Average $500 - $700 USD

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