Top Antarctica Animals Facts And Information

Antarctica life is not much because of almost entirely covered by ice and snow. That is a few mosses and grasses survive in the harsh condition. Plant life is nearly nonexistent on land. Phytoplankton in the cold water energy from the sun. That is basically the summary of the herbivores Antarctica creature. It’s everything else is a predator. Here’s Antarctica animals fact information in this.

Four types of the seals live in the waters surrounding Antarctica including leopard. Crabeaterweddell and southern elephant. Most of to pay humans much mind at all except for the rose seal. It’s characteristics spot has been aggressive with humans in small boats. It is not attack humans often. It is best to give rose seals a wide berth.

2. Adelie Penguin

Adelie penguin

Adelie penguin is the winter in the seas surrounding the Antarctica. And the rest of the year in the many small coastal islands. It is cute creature is amazing divers and known as plunge is deep 575 feet in search of food. It is travel 185 miles round-trip to find a meal.

3. Albatross


Albatross is the biggest bird. It’s main food is fish and fresh drink water. The black browed albatross is stunning sight. It is the longest wingspan of bird up to 11 feet. It is rarely seen on land albatross use wide wings to ride the ocean winds. Albatross a flap of their wings. It is winged wonders can live as long 50 years.

4. Blue Whale

Blue whale

Blue whale is the beasts of the sea blue whales grow. It is long 100 feet and weight 120 tons. It’s tongue alone true blue underwater. It is see them beach and notice that the mammal is more a mottled blue grey. Blue whales underbelly meanwhile a yellowish coloring the millions of microorganism that live on their skin.

5. Bugs


Bugs is land predator fall solidly under creepy crawly category. It is tiny bugs and fascinating because of it the only creatures that can survive on Antarctica surface. It is the winter by going into hibernation stand perfectly still. It is blood works to keep them from freezing. And mechanisms allows them make to summer.

6. Krill


Krill is open oceans crustaceans known as euphausiids. Antarctica krill is 85 species lives in the southern ocean. It’s large black eyes mostly transparent and shells have a bright red tinge from small pigment spots. Krill food is phytoplankton and a lesser extent. It is 200 days without food and can shrink in length as they starve. Krill packed into each cubic meter of water turning the water red or orange.

7. Leopard Seal

Leopard seal

Leopard seal is spotted fur coat. It is fierce nature animal is the primary predators in Antarctica. It is powerful jaws and long teeth to hunt fish squid penguins and other seals. Leopard seal catch a glimpse of a seal snaring bird as it enters the cold waters. It is have no ears flaps but rather near from the inside.

8. Orcas


Orcas is killer whales but it’s not part of the whale family. It is the toothed mammals is the largest member of the dolphin family. It is highly social travelling in groups called pods. Orcas bouncing sound of objects to determine their location. It’s food is fish squid birds and other animals. It’s weight is 400 pounds and measures up to 7 feet in length.

9. Penguin


Antarctica creature penguin eat krill and very small fish. It is spend most time in the water but sometime penguins is come on land and raise their chicks. It has black head white stomach and yellow breast and ear yellow. Penguin is in danger from global warming. It is the region of humans as a threat a meal. It is shy around people.

10. Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper penguin

Rockhopper penguin is the ornate penguins decorated with yellow eyebrows used to attract a mate. It is ice loving bird stand 16 to 18 inches tall and found swimming between the sub Antarctic island. It is closely they shake their heads extremely fast their yellow brown looks like a halo.

11. Whales


Antarctica oceans are full of many different types of whales looking to eat fish squid penguins and plankton. It is the most aggressive and ambitious hunters. It is set on seals sea birds and other whales. Killer whale is one of the species traveler to be able spot on the trip. It is so down creatures larger than that is provided they hurt in groups. Killer whale is attacked trainers but generally speaking human is not any particular risk around these creature.

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