American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Breed Information

American Staffordshire terrier is a muscular species. Its size is strong. Even though it can be loving with a human family. They are both prudent and eager, who make them very well trained. However, the intelligence means that they need mental stimulation. American Staffordshire terrier standing 17 to 19 tall on the shoulder muscular bull type terriers stocky. The head is wide. American Staffordshire terrier movement is crisp and attractive. Announcing congenital self-confidence is a spring movement or race. Adjustable shiny coat comes in many colours and patterns, like to do this job.

Modern American Staffordshire terrier ancestors came from England and were a mixture between the Boulders and Terrier tribes. In his mixed year he received many names including Bull N Terrier Dog, Pet Bull Terrier and Half and Half. Eventually they were known as Staffordshire bull terrier. In the early 20th century, American Bale was known by the United Kennel Club as Bull Terriers. American Kennel Club was recognized as the Staffordshire terrier in 1936. American Staffordshire terriers are now used as a voyage. Help in the police work. Participate in weight loss and movement. They have a bad reputation as Haji but aggressive dogs. Some insurance companies refuse to insure the family they have.

American Staffordshire terriers need regular exercise. Take your dog to the daily move. Generally, if it is encouraged by playing, then play it every day. If it does not get enough exercise, the American Staffordshire terrier may be upset and stern. Games with its owner develop their physical and mental health.

If your dog suffers from some health conditions, their caretakers see them using a medicated shampoo while bathing. If your humble partner is healthy, then she looks after her health to maintain her health. Cerebral has been developed for alexia. Which is a progressive decline in muscle sensitivity. First comes between the ages of 3 to 5. All species have ears regularly, and look at the dog repeatedly to clean. Dogs have seen hip tests, cardiac tests, thyroid tests for some time.

Loyal, fearless and loving American Staffordshire terrier gives her family great pleasure. Two species of unreliable people often share the blood line of the line with Bull Terriers. And originally were born to fight. But in the last 100 years the American Staffordshire Line has become softer. Despite his reputation as an aggressive caste, he can be lovingly loving with the family. These dogs play with children in the yard.

American Staffordshire Terriers is Seeing Good Quality Foods. Seeing the age of any diet dog. Some dogs need to increase their weight. So give food to your dog's caloric intake and weight. Seeing what human food is safe for dogs. Seeing it to always keep available pure water.

The breed dog needs to take care of the short and hard coat. These breed dogs have to brush with a soft breasts brush. Good brushing is the distribution of oil in the skin of this breed, which makes it look healthy. Seeing this breed of dog breed regularly, because it can be painful for long to run. It causes problems while walking. Sometimes American Staffordshire terriers require bath sometimes in the year.

This dog training is very important. He can also train the general public. It is necessary to provide social training to dogs of this breed. Dogs of this species are also trained in obedience. Watching this species dog to be not alone in any case. If you want to raise a dog for a job, you have to train a lot. Special training will be provided to make decisions and maintain concentration.

Other Information
Name : American Staffordshire Terrier
Other Names : Amstaff, Stafford, Staffy
Origin : United States
Breed Group : Terding (AKC: 1936)
Size : Medium
Type : Purebred
Life Span : 12-14 years
Height : Male : 17-19 inches (43-48 cm)
Female : 16-18 inches (41-46 cm)
Weight : 57-67 pounds (25-30 kg)
Colours :
Litter Size : 5-10 puppies
Puppy Prize : Average $800 - $1000 USD

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