American Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Today, we are to talk about American dog Spaniel. This dog is also known as "Merry Cocker". This species is popular with 'Spaniel' dog. This dog is the smallest of the sporting species. This dog's body is tough.

It is believed that these dogs are one of the antiquity races. Two varieties of cocker is found in the United States. This species has been registered in American and Canadian canal clubs since 1940. This breed's dog was named for his superiority in the field hunting Wood dock. In 1892 the American Cocker Spaniel was recognized as a breed in the Inland. This breed dog gained popularity with both breeders and the public. In 1946 the American Canal Club recognized the American Cocker Spaniel as a special breed.

This breed's dog needs to exercise regularly to maintain the muscle tone, because it is known as a sports breed. Many types of exercise are not required because this species does not require energy in abundance. American Cocker Spaniel enjoys exercising on walking with people. Walking is a good option for exercise. To maintain the weight of this breed dog, exercise should be done daily.

The American Cocker Spaniel is usually healthy. But like in all species of dogs it is taken into account by the Health Committee to prevent its disease. American Cocker Spaniel has a long life. To protect the dog from its infectious disease, the eye and face should be cleaned regularly. To protect the skin of this species from skin diseases, it is sometimes necessary to take bath with medicated water. Generally, these dogs have three types of food allergies, which should be especially cautious.

The American Cocker spaniel is loving. It participates in the active people of the family. The dogs of this race have a sweet nature. The dog of this species is playful, alert and active. American Cocker Spaniel is known as a psychological and physically sensitive dog. This species has a "soft" personality. American Cocker Spaniel does not respond well to the rigid therapy. It requires careful handling in order to bring the best performance of this breed dog's personality.

American Cocker Spaniel needs to personally choose the best diet. If the breed dog requires any special sensitivity related food, the owner should seek advice from his veterinarian. The dog of this breed should be selected high quality food. Chicken and rice-based foods are very good for these dogs. American Cocker Spaniel is often found to be overweight.

The American cocker Spaniel is known as a decorative. This breed's dog needs a regular, complete decoration. This breed's dog needs to be bathed with a quality shampoo. Pregnancy for Cocker Spaniel is a sharp and expensive one. The dog of this breed is required to keep the neat and coat short. American Cocker Spaniel needs to clean the bath, nails and ears in a dormant way.

Training to the American cocker spaniel is easy, so that ordinary people can also train them. This species of dogs is usually required to be trained for sensitivity and improvement. American Cocker Spaniel should have special training to make decisions and maintain concentration if he has been raised for the job. This dog is very ready to learn. That's why his training should be consistent.

Other Information
Name : American Cocker Spaniel
Other Names : Cocker Spaniel, Cocker, Merry Cocker
Origin : United States
Breed Group : Sporting (AKC: 1878)
Size : Medium
Type : Purebred
Life Span : 12-15 Years
Height : 15-16.5 inches (38-41 cm)
Weight : 15-30 pounds (7-14 kg)
Colors :
Black & Tan
Litter Size : 4-7 puppies
Puppy Prize : Average $600-$800 USD

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