Amazon Pay Launches Of P2P Payments In India

Amazon announced the launch of P2P (person-to-person) payments means we can give payment via Amazon Pay for Android users as well as customer also can do bank-to-bank transactions through the unified payments interface (UPI) platform and that also allows settling bills and also other expenses with friends or that also provides service of return money to family and pay for services.

P2P (person-to-person) is also allows service to the customers like make payment from bank account and P2P (person-to-person) is built on Indian government-backed UPI (unified payments interface) platform and the platform is regulated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Amazon provides customers to send or receive P2P payments by choosing contacts of the phone as well as by UDP ID or the recipient’s bank account.

Work of the Amazon P2P service is like in that first of all we need to select the contact after that Amazon app is detect that person which is a registered in the Amazon Pay but if that person is not registered is Amazon app then the customer has another choice for payment making that is Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) UDP IP or contacts bank account or the Amazon pay is also allows customers to repeat payments with the displaying their recent transactions. In Amazon pay all payments are secured with multi factor authentication or also involving the phone number of the customer as well as SIM details and UPI PIN.

The goal of the Amazon is to make Amazon Pay most trustworthy as well as convenient for customers and also the rewarding way to pay for our customers or because of that goal now a day Amazon pay is now expand payment or also use cases directly on the app or also when we open Amazon pay then we have collection of payment use cases as well as shopping collection or the main thing is the Amazon pay provides convenience result and control to our customers.

Amazon provide P2P service for the instant money transfers on the Amazon Pay as well as with the use of that service customer can make easily make bank to bank transactions through the UPI from the Amazon app that means customers can transform money to friend or family member’s and also the physical stores which are supports the unified payments interface (UPI) payments.

Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay is a already supports P2P service and the Send Money and Request Money is also there or Amazon Pay is also give some offers like cash back with the sending money through UPI (unified payments interface) as well as Amazon also provides various payment initiatives which are helpful for create loyalty of customer for the Amazon brand and also build new habits on the customers.

Now the Amazon also launch a one program for manage B2B (Business to Business) inventory supply as well as also manages neighborhood stores or that program allow to the retailers as well as allows o store owners to order online and also that can have that products delivery on next day.

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