Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Information

Here we are talking about the American dog who’s name is Alaska malamute. Alaskan malamute is one of the older tribes. The Alaskan malamute looks like a wolf for the first time. It also has a long tail. Alaska malamute power, energy and tolerance, as well as self-defense Known for intelligence. Alaskan malamute is susceptible. And they love friendship and open space.

Alaskan malamute live, work and go hunting with people. These dogs are known for their ability to hunt. And it is also useful in making big holes, such as the Reese. The Alaskan Presence has its own history. Alaskan malamute were found in World War two and they were known as defenseless dogs. Later they settled in the North Pole area. Alaskan malamute was used to chase the polar bear and to draw food. Alaskan malamute is valuable dog.

Excessive exercise requires an active exercise. These dogs should be treated with exercise for which they are raised. They are raised for a physically challenged job. These dogs should be carried out on an excerpt for which they are raised. They are raised for bodily needs. By giving them excellence, they can accelerate the pent-up in their job roles. This dog is suitable for competing in the sport. It should be practiced for two hours a day. There is also exercise give them a lot of time to play.

Generally they are healthy, but like all the species, they sometimes result in health conditions. Many of these breeds also suffer from hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and von will brand disease. In hip dysplasia, dogs have a fever in one or both of the legs behind the back. Even the signs of unhealthy are not seen in this disease. Hip dysplasia is hereditary. Flooding is the cause of these heart defects and eye problems.

Alaskan malamute is known for his playful species. He is loyal to his family and friends. Malamute is known at making this "vu vu" voice, which is also considered one of their characteristics. Their puppies are also good natured and playful so they live in contact with people. Malamute never reserves energy Friendship with strangers creates them a family member. When they are young, they are come in contact with different places and people.

Protein is considered to be good for the excretion. It is useful for 21 to 24% of protein. They prefer a big dog in the food. Alaskan malamute likes dogs in food, Cooked eggs, soups, gravy, cooked cereals are given. Water, fish, chicken, raw muscle mass should be given to them. Fat is a good source of energy so it is beneficial. They need less food as soon as they mature. Feeding good food will live longer and healthily.

The hair of Alaskan malamute is odorless compared to the other dog so do not need to wash it frequently. This dog should not have a thick coat. It is necessary to have shade one to two times during the shading season. Alaskan malamute should be brush with metal and pin brush daily. Alaskan malamute has two different coats. The outer coat acts as a guard, and the inner coat acts as soft.

Alaskan should be trained in open ground. Training of Alaskan to train is considered a challenge, as these are stubborn. All dogs should be trained same. Their children should also be involved in training. Alaskan has a good understanding of basic training. Owner should have experience to train a Alaskan malamute.

Other Information
Name : Alaskan Malamute
Other Names : Mal, Mally
Origin : United States
Breed Group : Working (AKC: 1935)
Size : Large
Type : Purebred
Life Span : 12-15 years
Height Male : 24 - 26 inches (61 - 66 cm)
Female : 22 - 24 inches (56 - 61 cm)
Weight : Male : 80 - 95 pounds (36 - 43 kg)
Female : 70 - 85 pounds (32 - 38 kg)
Colors :
Litter Size : 4-10 puppies
Puppy Prize : Average $1200 - $1500 USD

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