Al Matthews Actor

Today we have to talk about an actor named Alexander Basil Matthews. He was known as American actor and singer. So let us get information about Alexander Basil Matthews.

Alexander Basil Matthews was born on November 21, 1942 (Brooklyn, New York, U.S.), and died on 22 September 2018 (Orihuela, Alicante, Spain). Alexander Basil Matthews was known for his appearance as gunnery sergeant apone in the 1986 Aliens film. Alexander Basil Matthews was an inspiration for Sgt. Alexander Basil Matthews was a member of the Corps of the United States Marine. They served during the Vietnam War. And they have many of their awards. Alexander Basil Matthews played a different role. Like Ferguson in Rough Cut (1980), a workman in Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981), a Vietnam veteran in The Sender (1982), a fire chief in Superman III (1983), Benedict in The American Way (1986), General Tudor in The Fifth Element (1997) and Master Sergeant #3 in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) etc.. has worked in films.

Alexander Basil Matthews appeared in theater and the Radio. He then hit the musicals in the UK Singles Chart, "Fool" in 1975. Alexander Basil Matthews died of serious illness over the years.

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