IAF Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Story

Abhinandan Varthaman is the commander in the Indian Air Force. In 2019 India in Pakistan’s fight the plane was shot. The he was sentenced to 60 hours in Pakistan. He was born in Tamilnadu. The family of Abhinandan lives in the village named Thirupanamar, at a distance of 19 kilometres from Kanchipuram. His father simhakutty varthaman retired as Air Marshal in the Indian Air Force and his mother’s doctor. On June 19 , 2004 the commission was commissioned as a flying officer in the fighter of the Indian Air Force. It was a su-30 MKI fighter pilot before it was handed over Mig-21 Bison squadron. Varthaman 21 Feb, 2019 when Mig-21 was flying, Pakistan's khalid udin has written that commander shahzad uddin was a boy of air marshal waseem uddin. And wrote that wing commander Abhinandan also is the son of the officer before the air force. After killing F-16 it's own MiG-21 plane came in the firing of Pakistan Pakistan’s plane collapsed to infiltrate into jammu and Kashmir for control Varthaman landed safely in the village of Horran in Kashmir and it was about 7km. away from the line of control.

Village living there said that Varthaman can be recognized as an Indian pilot by the Indian flag on their parachute. While Abhinandan when descends to Pakistan, he said loudly "Bharat Mata ki Jai. " Varthaman asked the villager whether he was in India or even a boy said yes. He ran in the lake about 500 meters ,When he went to the lake, the required documents of the Indian air force were clamped in half and half the documents was thrown into the water. Before the people were rescued by the army of Pakistan. The people of the village took hold prior to a few videos Varthaman. This is not his home and he said that apart from this he is Hindu. 28 February 2019 on Pakistan’s Prime Minister at the Parliament of the meeting announced that “Peace sign” as a Abhinandan to leave the decided to.

Varthaman crossed the wagha border on 1 March 2019. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi welcomed the liberation of Varthaman. And said that nation is proud of it Abhinandan said that the people of Pakistani as well as Physically torture not giving but the “Mental harassment “in the way of torture gave. Abhinandan to Mahaveer Jayanti on April 17th on “Lord Mahavir Ahinsa” Award was given. In August 2019, he was awarded the Vir Chakra gallantry prize.

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