Top 12 Computer And Video Games

There are mostly 12 types of game like action game, shooting game, puzzle game and etc. There are some educational games which is really help full to children for study and memories. Let’s take briefly look on it.

This is a video game genre that emphasize physical challenges including eye, hand and legs coordination reaction time. There is variety of sub-genre type like shooter game, fighting and driving etc.

2. Adventure


If you love adventure than you will definitely like this type of game, virtual, fantasy and adventure world. In adventure game player assume as protagonist and story driven by exploration.

3. Combat


In this type of game player has to fight with their opponents one-on-one. This is one type of action game where player has to face off against many opponents.

4. Educational


There are lots of game which are helpful to children in studies, variety of subjects and without boring children can learn. The games are with many functions and multiple-choice questions basically for math, science and history. Its help full to make children IQ level high. The game has level like basic, medium and hard and in some game difficulty level increase level by level.

5. First Person Shooters (FPS)

First Person Shooters (FPS)

In this type of games, you are the leading character of the game and you are seeing everything like you see in real world so there is one downfall you will not see yourself. In this type of game, you have to shoot other guys example of this games are Counter Strike, Pubg and Shooter.

6. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

The MMP type of game played over internet or LAN connection, so to play online game you need an internet connection. Through internet connection player is interact with thousands of other players all over the world. To create this type of games need lots of time and programming to play an amazing game.

7. Puzzle


The Puzzle game really like who love to solve difficult Puzzles, there are mostly three types of levels beginner, medium and hard. The game is small and simple with UI and no need of any action because it’s a brain game.

8. Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

For this type of game, you have to make your own strategy to defeat your enemy, and also participants control their area on map and destroy their opponent’s assets.

9. Role-Playing (RPG)

Role-Playing (RPG)

In role playing game you can choose any celebrity and thousands of cloths option to wear, you will be making your dream house and do party like celebrity do and everything like them you can do.

10. Simulations


This type of games is usually single player, and taking real world vehicles to drive like, fighter plane, tank and helicopter etc.

11. Sports


In sport game you can play real world sport like cricket, basketball, volleyball and football. In the game you can choose your team and there are players mimicking like real sportsman. Some sport game has very nice graphics and you can really enjoy to play the game.

12. Stealth Shooter

Stealth Shooter

This is the spy type game in where you have to kill your enemy. In this type of game there will be lots of levels and you can upgrade your weapon to small to large and more rang of bullets, also you can customize your weapon according to you.

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