The Round Tower (Rundetårn) Copenhagen

  • April 09, 2019

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is located in the center of Copenhagen means the town or city is Copenhagen and the country is Denmark as well as The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is a 17th century tower. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is one of the architectural project of the Christian IV of Denmark as well as the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is built as astronomical observatory.

The Round Tower

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) Copenhagen

Architectural style of the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is Dutch Baroque and the construction of the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is started at 1635 and completed in the 1642 as well as Architect of the Round Tower is Hans van Steenwinckel. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is also known for the equestrian staircase.

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is a part of the Trinitatis Complex as well as now the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is work as an observation tower for views of Copenhagen as well as works as a public astronomical observatory and also work on the historical monument.

The foundation stone of Round Tower (Rundetårn) was laid on the 7 July, 1637 by Hans van Steenwinckel but in 6 August 1639 Hans van Steenwinckel is died so after that Leonhard Blasius was brought to Denmark from the Netherlands but as new Royal Building Master and at last in 1642 the tower was finally completed.

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) takes many Notable ascents like in 1902 a Beaufort car was the first motorized vehicle as well as In 1911 the newspaper Socialdemokraten arranged a bicycle race and so on. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) became outdated as an astronomical observatory.

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is a cylindrical tower which was built in the masonry of alternating yellow and red bricks as well as also made with the colors of the Oldenburgs. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is attached to the Trinitatis Church.

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) contains Spiral ramp as well as Observation deck which are located at 34.8 m above street level and also Observatory, Observatory is a small domed building which is built on the roof of the tower and Observatory built in 1929.

The Round Tower Today
The Round Tower today serves as an observation tower as well as a public astronomical observatory and also as an exhibition and concert venue and a historical monument. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) also contains Rebus inscription, Public observatory and also Exhibitions and concerts. Rundetaarn Unicycle Race is held in the Round Tower (Rundetårn).

The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is open from mid October to mid March as well as the Library Hall which are lies above the Trinitatis Church, has served as an exhibition space and also featuring various exhibitions of art and also culture or also history and science.

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