Space Shuttle Columbia - History

This space shuttle has completed 27 missions before the dissolution on February 1, 2003 during the re-entry of 28 service STS and more than 22 years of STS 107 and total 7 members were over. The headquarters of Rockwell International's main assembly facility in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Palisade, California started off in 1975, in Colombo. The name of Columbian was kept on American Slope, Columbia, on the Reddiv.

International Space Station


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The first file of the Space Shuttle Program was launched on April 12, 1981.

Launch date : April 12, 1981
Maximum speed : 28,000 km / hr
Cost : $ 700 million
Manufacturer : Rockwell International
Last flight : January 16, 2003

It started the Passage of the North West from 1787 to 1793 under the command of Captain Robert Gran. Which was the first human lifting on the second celestial body. It was first made at the Kennedy Space Center on 25 March 1989 after the construction of Columbia. Colombia was decided to take over in the end of 1979.

On March 19, 1981, during the preparation of the ground test, two or three people were killed. Colombia's first flight was measured by Johnny Young and was a veteran of Mini and Apollo programs. This was the ninth person to run on Chandra in 1972. On April 14, 1981, it was returned to the statue. Subsequently, Columbia conducted three more assists to test their technical capabilities.

In 1983, Columbia conducted its second operational mission under its sixth space flight. On January 26, 1986, 10 days after STS 61C was started and after 73 seconds, the delivery was completed. After that Columbia did not make any flights until 1986.

The STS-93 was launched on 23 July 1999. The last successful mission of Colombia was STS 109. Space shuttle Columbia was released on 1 February 2003. Seven members died in this. After this incident in Texas, Columbia took time to land. Columbia was broken in a short time after the launch in 1986. The death of seven members in Colombia was the second disaster of space.

Colonia traveled at 23 minutes speed at the speed of 2, 31,000 feet above sea level.

The first scam began to land on 8:58 am in Texas near Lubbock. At 9 o'clock the shuttle was adjacent to Dallas near Northeast Texas. The name of Colombia was kept on a small apple. One of the first ships of US Navy made a circular of the world, it was the same as the name of Colombia. 11 was the view in order to give the Colombian name to the command module of the Moon mission.

The Spacy lab was over and its career started. In the final mission of 16th 1998, Columbia was in space. The Root of Germany Ulf Marolland traveled on STS 9 on 1983. Columbia also experienced mishaps during STS 107 in 2003.
Colombia's main engine weighs 1, 78,000 pounds. In 1994, Columbia was transferred to its first major ash and over hale to return to the Palestinian Territories. The over hale usually lasts for a year or more.

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