Radha Madhav Dham Usa (Texas)

The RadhaMadhavDham is called barsana dham. It is the US center of jagadguru kripalu parishat Radhamadhavdham in a non-profit, charitable, educational and spiritual organization. It is located on more than 200 acres of land in hays county south of a Austin Texas.

Radha Madhav Dham

Radha Madhav Dham

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The RadhaMadhavDham is a Hindu temple and ashram complex. It is the oldest Hindu temple in Texas. It is largest in North America and largest Hindu temple complexes in the western hemisphere. It is involved in numerous charitable educational projects include JKP education, In April 2014 won the Nelson Mandela peace award instituted by the economic growth society of in India.

It was founded by prakashanand saraswati. In 2011 he was convicted with a minor and sentenced to 280 years of prison. He said that its leadership has been changed and that it has no knowledge of saraswati's whereabouts. It is built was to be a representation of the holy land of braj in India where Radha and Krishna are believed by Hindus to have appeared over 5000 years ago. In braj like govardhan, Radhakund, Prem Sarovar, shyam kuti and other is represented in RadhaMadhavDham.

RadhaMadhavDham a natural stream name is Kalindi the yamuna river of vrindavan. It is encompasses about 35000 square feet and is topped by a 90- foot high golden dome. It is all the major Hindu festivals. RadhaMadhavDham in is home to one of the biggest janmashtami celebration is North America. October 27, 2001 in the Rath Yatra Festival at temple. It was named 'Radha Rani Rath Yatra Day' by Austin mayor Kirk watson. RadhaMadhavDham is a 24- hour continuous chant known as akhand sankirtan take place from noon on New year's eve to noon.

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