Kepler-69c : Super Earth Extrasolar Planet

In this article we have been talking about the Kepler-69c planet discovered by NASA's Kepler mission. NASA's Kepler mission seeks to find a living planet like the Sun, including the Kepler-69c. We get more information about the Kepler-69c planet from this article.



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On April 18, 2013, the Kepler-69c planet was announced. The Kepler-69c is considered to be super-Earth planet extrasolar. It is considered a rocky planet. Kepler-69c is the largest two planets discovered by NASA's mission. The Kepler-69c is located approximately 2430 light years from Earth. Kepler 69c was invented by NASA's Kepler Mission. Venus's orbit in our Solar System of Kepler-69c is 242 days. Kepler-69c is believed to have liquid water on the surface.

Kepler-69c is a super-Earth extrasolar planet. The Kepler-69c is considered to be a rocky planet. The Kepler-69c rotates the star like the Sun. There are two adjacent planets discovered by the Kepler-69c spacecraft. On 7 January 2013 the planet was initially invented. The Kepler-69c was considered a living planet in the early times of the discovery, but it is impossible for scientists to believe.

Kepler-69c is similar to Venus, but it is not a more spacious and habitable planet. Kepler-69c is described as one of the largest planets in the planet at the time and temperature. Kepler-69c is close to the living. This planet is similar to Venus. Kepler-69c is one of the most important places of the Solar System, so the chances of living for the creatures are very low.

Kepler-69c was announced that the search was initially "in the habitable zone" but it is impossible to settle there. There is a possibility that liquid water exists on one region of Kepler-69c.Because of the stellar high flow of Kepler-69c, any ocean surface would have been boiled. Kepler-69c surface temperature is considered to be 120 degrees.

Before the Kepler-69c value was increased, its telegram was soon followed by a marine asteroid after being born in the main sequence. If Kepler-69c was more vaporized in the atmosphere, the surface pressure would be more than 100 times the Earth's surface. Kepler-69c is an exponent of approximately 2,700 light-years from Earth. The Kepler-69c is potentially rocky planet. It has been detected by NASA's Kepler Mission.

Kepler-69c is the highest realm of land. The global cold and atmospheric pressure decreases as the Earth cools. The orbit around the Kepler-69c star is lesser than Earth-the Kepler-69c is approximately 70 million miles apart from Earth's 93 million miles.

Kepler-69c is a planet that is considered to be "Super-Venus" or "Super-Earth". It was believed that it resembled the Earth at the time of the research of the Capella-69c. And Kepler-69c rotates on the stars like our sun.

Kepler-69c is 70% larger than Earth's size and is the smallest in orbit. Kepler-69c is NASA's first mission that is capable of detecting Earth-sized planets. The Kepler-69c has time taken 242.5 days to make an orbit of its star. The announcement of Kepler-69c was made in 2013.

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