Rocky Exoplanet Kepler-37b

  • January 17, 2019

Today we have to talk about the planet Astronomy, which is named as Kepler 37b. Here, we get much information from Kepler 37b. Kepler 37b is known as the smallest planet. So let's talk about a lot about Kepler 37b. Many of the planets in the constellation of the galaxy circulate Kepler 37b.


Rocky Exoplanet Kepler-37b

Kepler 37b is known as the smallest planet discovered around the main stars in February 2013. This planet's radius is slightly more than the Moon. Kepler 37b is known as a sub-earth. The surface temperature of this planet is 700 K, due to which there the atmosphere is not expected. The Kepler 37b radius is approximately 0.34 R, which is slightly more than the Moon. Kepler 37b is small because of its small size rocky planet. On the surface of this planet, it is considered to be very hot to support the liquid thing.

Kepler 37b is the object of the Sun, similar to stars of the Sun. This planet's stars are identified by four planets. The Kepler 37b have a mass of 0.80 meters and its temperature is 5417. And it appears to be older than 5.66 billion. Earth's Viewpoint since Kepler has a depth of 37.1 to 9.71 it is very unclear to see it with a naked eye.

This planet orbits its parent stars at a distance of approximately 15 million kilometers. And its duration is approximately 13 days. The outer two planets of the constellation have a time of orbit with a period of 37b and 1% with a resonance of 8: 5 and 3:1. Kepler 37b was discovered by the telescope, which is observed to observe the stars transit. The discovery of this planet is led by NASA's Ames Research Center, that small planets of this type are common.

This planet identifies stars such as the Sun of about 215 light-years from Earth. The Kepler 37b has a diameter of 2400 miles in diameter. Since this planet is not water, it is believed to be similar to rocky exoplanet like Mercury. This planet contains 97% of the Sun's brightness. Kepler 37b rotates 210 light-year stars around the Earth. This planet is believed to be unable to support life. Kepler 37b makes you very hot and Hospitality.

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