Interesting Facts About Planet Earth

Earth is a third planet from the sun. Earth only support atmosphere to live in the planet like earth provide free Oxygen, Water and also Oceans and the most important thing is life. Earth is 149.6 million km is far away from sun. Earth name is derived from two languages that are English and German. So to know more interesting facts about earth here we describe some interesting facts of Earth.



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1. Plate Tectonics Keep the Planet Comfortable
Earth is one of the planet in solar system which contain plate tectonics that means some portion of earth is broken into the region or at some are of earth so that is consider as well as known as tectonics plate but when two different plate are collide at that time one of them is sub duct and that pull part of plate is allow to create fresh crust.

2. Earth is Almost a Sphere
Mostly people is think that the Earth planet is circle but no circle is not enough shape for earth we can say earth is almost like sphere but not fully for example mount Everest’s is most very tallest Everest of the earth but center of earth is actually Mount Chimborazo.

3. Earth is Mostly Iron, Oxygen and Silicon
Earth can conation various kind of things for example earth can contain 32.1% iron, 30.1% oxygen, 15.1% silicon 13.9% magnesium and most of that part is located at corn of the earth and Earth planet contain 45% oxygen.

4. 70% of the Earth’s Surface is covered by Water
Our Earth planet is also known as a “Blue Planet” because our planet is covered 70% of water that means above 100% there is 70% part of Earth planet is covered with oceans. And 30% part of earth is made up with solid that is also known as “Continental crust”. So as per that information we can easily consider that majority part or portion of Earth planet is covered with the Water.

5. 10,000 km Distance extends atmosphere from Earth
The Earth’s Atmosphere Extends to a Distance of The most of portion of earth is nearest to the Earth that means most of portion of atmosphere (75%) is in 11 km area. Earth atmosphere is created with total five layers the Troposphere, the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere, the Thermosphere and last one is the Exosphere.

6. Magnetic Field created by Molten Iron on Earth planet
Earth is like a big magnate who is near around the top and bottom of geographic poles and that Magnetic field create a surface and that surface is far away from earth means thousand kilometers far away from earth. Mars planet contains very week atmosphere compare to the Earth because that atmosphere contains low magnetosphere.

7. Earth not takes exactly 24 Hours to Rotate on Axis
As per information on earth mostly people know that earth take 24 hours to complete rotation on its axis but the reality is that earth takes 23 hour and 4 minutes time to complete rotation on its axis. But because of the some peoples are confused on time because there is 4 minutes are remain but that answer is that earth is rotated around sun and that rotation time is 24 hours.

8. A year on Earth isn’t 365 days
As per our knowledge we consider that earth is take 365 days to complete a single round around the sun but it is actually 365.2564 days because of that one year is leap year per 4 years for example 2008,2012,2016,2020 etc...

As per our knowledge we consider that earth is take 365 days to complete a single round around the sun but it is actually 365.2564 days because of that one year is leap year per 4 years for example 2008,2012,2016,2020 etc...

9. Earth contains 1 Moon and 2 Co-Orbital Satellites
As we all know that the Earth can contain one Moon (aka, The Moon) but there are two different asteroids are there which are known as Near Earth Objects (NEOs). One of that asteroids are known as 3753 Cruithne which are measure 5 Kilometer across and that asteroids are also known as Second Moon of Earth.

10. Earth is the only one Planet which Have Life
On the bases of research now earth is the only planet which contains life but the scientists are building some experiments of Life at other planet and scientists also fine water as well as some organic modules on Mars and also building blocks of life at moon but the Earth is only one place that can deserve actual life.

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