How To Send Sticker On WhatsApp

Here we are about how to sandwich the sticks and how to use it in WhatsApp. Find out why to stick to the stickers in WhatsApp and send them to our contact. This article describes how to send a sticker. How can we easily send a sticker in this article, here it's easy steps have been mentioned here.



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WhatsApp we have traditional options like emoji and smileys. And we also do our best to use it in WhatsApp. What's more, emoji and smileys can be easily sent in WhatsApp, likewise WhatsApp sticker also gives options like which we can easily send.

WhatsApp does not support stickers, but we are sending stickers in many ways using the image sticker application.
There are many sticker applications available on the App Store in mobile which we can use easily and send a sticker.

In this article we learn how we can easily send a sticker in WhatsApp on Android and Iphone and how to send it.
First of all, you should not have a normal WhatsApp for installing latest WhatsApp. Firstly you update the latest WhatsApp in your phone.

Hikes, WeChat and others stickers are used but you can use WhatsApp instead. Do not worry. You can also send WhatsApp sticker to keep your conversation alive with speakers. Read here for how to send stickers on Android and Iphone on WhatsApp.

For that you can update with the help of WhatsApp beta in the play store. Then we install WhatsApp sticker with the use of different application.

Here's how to send a sticker in WhatsApp here below its simple steps

1. Then, open WhatsApp.
2. Then go to any contact in WhatsApp and open it.
3. Now you can click on "Emoji icon".
4. On the side of the emoji icon, you can click on the icon of the sticker, Then click on the "sticker icon" you will see on WhatsApp.
5. You are able to see different default stickers from there.
6. Click your favorite sticker to send the WhatsApp sticker.
7. And finally your sticker will be sent.

Apart from this, you can download more sticker app from the Play Store and watch it on your Stickers tab.

Actually the WhatsApp sticker does not support but send small images as a sticker. In the Play Store, the various thousands of stickers of the application are useful for making application Ios and Android.

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