How To Port Your Mobile Number

  • January 09, 2019

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a one kind of service which provides facilities as well as services that means in Mobile Number Portability (MNP) customer can change telecom carrier but without changing mobile number. So, here we discuss about step of porting mobile number one telecom carrier to another telecom carrier.

(MNP) Process

(MNP) Process

Step-1 Generating Porting code
In first step of porting mobile number is generating porting code but one thing you should know about that is that code is valid for only 15 days.
To generate Porting code we need to sent text message in particular format like PORT (space) (mobile number) to 1900. For example PORT (space) Your mobile number and sent to 1900.

Step-2 Receive Port code
In this step we can receive code of our port which code is known as UPC (Unique Porting Code) and we should be aware about validity of that code that is 15 days only.

Step-3 Submitting Porting Request
After receiving Porting code we need to submit our porting request so to do request we need some documents or information like valid id proof with valid address for KYC.

Step-4 Processing time
After submitting Porting request processing time starts which means in 2 to 3 day you can get confirmation message but porting process take 7 to 8 days duration.

Step-5 Activation
In this step telecom carrier is changed and in this customer can activate SIM card (mobile number).

Step-6 First Recharge on your New Network
After activation of SIM card (porting mobile number) first of all you need to recharge your number with your new network.After that process of Porting of mobile number is completed and also activation of mobile number process is completed. One thing to note during that porting process is that your current SIM so at porting duration your SIM in not interpreted by telecom carriers.

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