How To Download Instagram Videos

  • February 01, 2019

In this article we are discuss about how to download videos from instagram. There is some limitation to download videos for example when we need to download video from public account then we can download one app and we can download it but when the account is private then we can’t download that videos.

1. Dredown


Dredown is one of the tool which is used to download Instagram Videos and one thin you should know about Dredown is that Dredown is known as Instadown means Instadown is previous name of Dredown and Dredown is still going strong. Like PostGraber is work with URL like Dredown that means we need to paste URL in box and click Dredown so within few seconds browser can start automatically downloading mp4 files. Dredown provide more features for example we can download videos from Instagram but we can also download videos from Twitter, Facebook, You tube, Vine and so on.

2. Gramblast


Here we describe one more web app for download Instagram Video that is Gramblast and Gramblast is also work like other app means Gramblast work with URL we need to write URL in search box and we can easily download mp4 files as well as we can also download images from Instagram.



We can use an IFTTT applet to download Videos of Instagram but for an IFTTT applet we need an IFTTT account, an Instagram account, as well as a Dropbox account. In IFTTT applet we can add video and also liked videos are automatically saved in DropBox folder as well as IFTTT applet is also works on Android, IOS as well as Web.

4. OG Instagram

OG Instagram

OG Instagram is not only used to download videos of Instagram OG Instagram is work as a full featured Instagram client but there some limitations are there with OG Instagram means we can’t download OG Instagram from play store we need to sideload the app on our android device.

5. PostGraber


PostGraber is used to download all photos as well videos of Instagram so, PostGraber is a web based tool for download Instagram videos. To download videos of Instagram using PostGraber we need URL of Instagram Post and that URL we need to put in PostGraber website. After doing that process we can easily download Instagram Videos.

6. Regrammer


Here we see all the applications (downloader’s) of android but when we work with IOS at that we need some different application we can’t use android application we need to use application of IOS (downloader’s) like Regrammertool. Like other applications (downloader) we need to work with URL of posts so with the use of post’s URL we can easily download videos of Instagram using Regrammer.

7. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram

We can use some applications for download Instagram videos which are provided in Play store. In play store there are all android user find easily downloader to download Instagram videos. The most popular application (downloader) for download Instagram video is Video Downloader which is available in Android and that app automatically add to your phones gallery.

Note : To download videos from Instagram first of all we need to check rights of video when we have right then we can download but when we don’t have any right so we can’t download videos.

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