Harald Juhnke (German Actor, Comedian And Entertainer) Biography

Today we are going to talk about a person named Harald Juhnke. His full name is Harald Juhnke German. Harald Juhnke was known as a German actor, comedian and entertainer. Harald Juhnke was born on 10 June 1929 in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany. Harald Juhnke died on 1 April 2005 in Rüdersdorf. So let's gather a little more information about Harald Juhnke.

Harald Juhnke

Harald Juhnke (German Actor, Comedian And Entertainer) Biography

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Harald Juhnke's father was a police officer and his mother came from a family of bakers. Harald Juhnke grew up in Gesundbrunnen, a working class district of Berlin. The first phase of Harald Juhnke was in 1948. It was taken over by the Neustrelitz Theater in 1950.

In later years Harald Juhnke acted in many other theaters, including Freie Volksbühne of Berlin. And in the decades that followed, Harald Juhnke became very famous. Often Harald Juhnke played the role of a young lover and comedian Berliner. Harald Juhnke is also dubbed Marlon Brando in German films.

He began appearing frequently on German television after 1977. Harald Juhnke first played in a television series with artists such as Grit Boettcher and Eddi Arent and later hosted the ZDF television show Musik ist Trumpf, which was viewed by over 30 million people on television. Harald Juhnke's role for the show was played by Frank Sinatra and his style and dressing was imitated by Frank Sinatra. His most popular song was the German rendition of Sinatra's signature song "I Did It My Way".

He returned as a film actor in 1992. Harald Juhnke received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Schtonk !, Der Papagei, and Der Hauptmann von Köpenick movies. In 1995, Harald Juhnke starred in the film Der Trinker, based on the autobiography of German author Hans Falda. While working on this film he drew attention to his own experiences with alcoholism.

Harald Juhnke's first marriage was to actress and dancer Sybil Werden. And he had two children. Harald Juhnke's daughter Barbara was born in 1953 and their son Peer was born in 1956. He married actress Susanne Hsiao for the second time in 1971 and is the daughter of a Chinese restaurateur and a former Prussian mother, and their son Oliver Marlon was born in 1972.

Juhanke's fight with alcoholism was widely reported in German tabloids and was closely followed. A major scandal erupted when he called a black security guard a "dirty nigger" while intoxicated at a Los Angeles hotel. Harald Juhnke was hospitalized in a nursing home for mentally ill patients in Fredersdorf, Brandenburg, in December 2001, after drinking heavy snaps as a result of alcohol abuse and suffering from Korsakoff's syndrome.


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